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We’re Open!

...but you need an APPOINTMENT for some services.

YES! We're still handling adoptions at our shelter by appointment only for approved applications. Before you can adopt, you need to choose one or more animals you're interested in and then fill out an application on our website by clicking the pink ADOPT ME button. Once your application is approved, we will contact you to make an appointment to meet the available animal(s) you are interested in.

YES! We are accepting donations to help the animals at our shelter. Donations can be dropped off daily, without appointment and can be left in the green labeled bins located directly outside the main shelter door. A list of items we can/cannot accept can be found in the donation drop area. You can also learn more about how to support us by clicking here to visit our wish list.

YES! We are still accepting volunteers for select positions! To read more about our program and needs, please click here to visit our volunteer page.

Visitors must wear a CDC-approved face mask at all times while they are in the shelter.

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Lifesaving at RBARI


  • 517 cats came into our care*
  • 515 cats live outcomes (adopted, returned to owner, transferred, released)*
  • 246 dogs came into our care*
  • 245 dogs live outcomes (adopted, returned to their owner, transferred)*
  • Live Release Rate**: 99%
    • 763 in | 760 out

*A small percentage of dogs / cats were lost and returned to their owners. 

** The majority of the lives lost in 2020 were sick cats/kittens that were found/brought in poor condition and needed to be euthanized off site, and a few were senior dogs that had medical and/or complications. 
***A shelter’s “Live Release Rate” is the number of live outcomes divided by the number of total outcomes. At RBARI, No animal is euthanized to make space for another.  RBARI is committed to all of our dogs and cats until a home is found.  Euthanasia is only considered for medical necessity, for instance if a dog or cat is suffering with a medical condition that cannot be fixed and their quality of life is diminished. 

Cat Adoptions:

  • 499 total cat/kitten adoptions
  • 73% of adoptions were kittens (< 1 year old)
  • 27% of adoptions were adult cats (age 1 year and above)

Dog Adoptions:

  • 200 total dog / puppy adoptions
  • 16% of adoptions were puppies (< 1 year old)
  • 56% of adoptions were adult dogs (age 1 year and above)
  • 28% of adoptions were senior dogs (age 7 and above)

Cat Intake Program:

  • 33% of cats/kittens were stray.
  • 18% of incoming felines were owner surrenders
  • 38% cats / kittens came from local animal shelters.
  • 11% Other (returns/shelter offspring) 

Dog Intake Program:

  • 27% dogs / puppies were stray.
  • 48% of incoming canines were owner surrenders.
  • 44% dogs / puppies came from local animal shelters.
  • 5% other (returns/shelter offspring)


  • 100 active volunteers assisting with all aspects of RBARI’s operations
Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge
2 Shelter Lane
Oakland, NJ 07436

Tax ID (EIN): 22-6094179


Monday: Appointment Only
Tuesday: Appointment Only
Wednesday: Appointment Only
Thursday: Appointment Only
Friday: Appointment Only
Saturday: Appointment Only
Sunday: Appointment Only