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Adoption Process

Come visit our shelter and meet with one of our friendly adoption counselors who will be happy to talk with you about the type of animal companion that would best suit you. We'll introduce you to some of our amazing animals and help you make a match that will not only save a life but also enrich your life. All of our animals available for adoption have been examined by a veterinarian, fully vaccinated, de-wormed and micro-chipped, bathed and groomed, had temperaments assessed, and been spayed/neutered.  Each animal is sent home with new collar, ID Tag, and a supply of the food they’re accustomed to eating.

When you walk out, you don’t leave RBARI. We continue to offer support post adoption by calling our new families to check and see how their new companion is adjusting home and offering guidance if needed. We, of course, love to see how our alumni are doing so we ask for photos and stories to be shared at adoptlove@rbari.org.


The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge currently kennels up to 30 dogs and puppies on the first floor of our building. The second floor contains our cattery, cat playroom, and kitten nursery. At any given time we have up to 50 + adult cats and any number of kittens. During the warmer months (kitten season!), RBARI is overflowing with more than 50 adult cats and 50 kittens on any given day.  All of these pets are waiting for wonderful new homes.


Think about what kind of pet you want to adopt. You can read our, BEFORE YOU ADOPT page, to help you decide. Next, fill out an adoption form online here. Please answer each question as thoroughly as possible. Remember, this is not a "pass or fail" test. It’s designed to help us get to know you and your family, the kind of pet you’re looking for, and which type of pet to match with you and your family. Please note, we are unable to put animals on hold/reservation until we have received your application, and at least one adult member of the family has visited that particular pet at our shelter.


All humans in the household should plan on dropping by RBARI to meet a new pet - canine family members will also need to meet any new dog you may be adopting. This ensures that everyone - 2 legs or 4 - get along! The staff of RBARI will be happy to provide reading material on basic dog and cat care, and can answer any questions you may have. We can also provide you with specific information about the health and temperament of your potential pet. Our adoption team will be there for you before, during, and after the adoption process. All questions are welcome! We even have an onsite dog trainer to assist with any challenging canine behavioral problems. Once your family has met and bonded with your chosen pet, it’s time to start the adoption process!


Because adoption and pet ownership is a long-term commitment, don’t hesitate to think it through and sleep on it. If you’re at all unsure about your choice, simply let your adoption counselor know. If you are sure - get ready!  You are about to become a parent! 

Your adoption counselor will go over the medical history of your pet, and you’ll receive a copy of the medical records. You’ll also receive information on Pet Insurance, feeding, care, etc. Then you’ll need to sign the RBARI adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. The money we receive (cash, check, or credit card) is used to help RBARI in its mission. Your donation at the time of adoption ensures that RBARI will be able to continue to help more animals in need. 

Depending on the needs of your pet, and any questions you may have, you’ll want to allow plenty of time to complete this process. And once it’s complete…


You are now a proud pet owner and a member of the RBARI family!

            Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge sincerely thanks our corporate donors and sponsors: