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Happy Tails!

We are so excited to share how our dogs and cats are thriving in their forever homes. To share your own story of adopting from RBARI, please contact adoptlove@rbari.org !

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(UPDATE: Please be patient if you do not see your beautiful story posted yet. We are working on redesigning our Happy Tails format so it is easier to find your story and others!)


Ozzie (aka Quasimodo)

"I just want to give you another update on Quasi, (I call him Ozzie).  He is doing well.  And I couldn't be more happier.  You know he is a goof ball, and a love bug and I couldn't be more happier because that describes me too.  I heard that he loves car rides but had no idea how much he loves car rides.  Unknowingly, I said want to go for a ride in the car and picked up my purse and keys and he went bonkers.  He was so happy and excited.  I do have to remind myself next time to unlock the car from inside the house, leave my purse in the house and tell him we are taking walk.  THEN, I will put him in the car.  I am grateful for everything that your facility did for Quasi aka Ozzie.  I just felt the love coming from everyone there not just for Ozzie, but you care about all the rescues at your place.  Some places would have just given up on the boy. He is a handful, no doubt but he is definitely worth it. 

Now, as far as pictures go......I am sure I will be able to send other ones soon but right now he is attached to me like glue and to get a good picture of him is hard...….but I will send you a few that I have......I think that all of them are going to be of him sleeping on my chest.....

But again, thank you for all that you guys do......Ozzie's face came into my life after losing my sweet boy Reuben and I couldn't be happier. Thank you. Everything is going well. He’s a charmer."

Mia & Dexter



"Just wanted to forward these pictures of Ellie. She is doing great!!!! Just got back from the Groomer. Monday will be my 11th Birthday"

Benny & Ella (aka Frankie & Willa)

"Hi to all at RBARI,

Especially the folks in the cat kennel who were so helpful in getting me setup with my two new kitties.

I’m the person who adopted the Siamese boy in December and then took his sister in January. I wanted to give you an update on how they’re doing. Hopefully you enjoy a happy story.

Both Benny & Ella are doing well. They are sweet, playful, happy kitties. They’re both affectionate and lovable. They’re eating me out of house and home. I am glad I picked Benny. And then accepted Ella as a ‘bonus’ cat. I wasn’t really looking for a 3rd cat but now that I have her it couldn’t have worked out better. After our initial trouble with her hiding in my basement ceiling (the basement has now been cat-proofed) she has settled in well and is a wonderful addition to my world.

Having the brother and sister together has worked out well. They play together and chase each other around and are generally happy to be with each other. And they have blended well with my existing older cat too. So it really has gone as well as we could have asked for."


 "To the adoption staff, After I lost the last of my very elderly RBARI cats last fall, the house felt very empty. I knew I wanted to adopt another cat, and I wanted it to be a senior, since I am a senior myself. Along came Hercules, who had lost his home of nearly 12 years. He ran to greet me in the cattery and I knew instantly that he was the one.

Hercules fills the house with his funny, quirky personality and high energy. He settled in happily from the first day he came home—and took over. I once had the nerve to put a baby gate in the doorway of a room to keep him out,  but Hercules leapt over it effortlessly, making clear that this was now HIS house in its entirety and nothing less would be tolerated.

Hercules loves his two scratch lounges, his large assortment of toys, belly rubs and curling up in a patch of sunshine. He is friendly to every person he meets but has made it clear that he wants to be the only cat in the house. That is fine with me. He puts a smile on my face every day.

Vivian Scharbach, RBARI volunteer"


"I just wanted to write to tell you about my cat Dunkin who I adopted from your facility in 2001 or 2002. He was part of a group called the S kittens and he was the only one out of the group who had a deformity in which he couldn't poop very good. I had worked for a short time at rbari and discovered him that he needed a foster so I agreed to Foster him. No one was sure how he would do with his deformity but I had him for all these years and just had to put him to rest this morning. I wanted to tell you what a wonderful cat he was through all these years very good with my other cat's very kind and very nice. A beautiful little tabby I am grateful for you allowing me to adopt him. He wasn't a good candidate for adoption because of his malformed rear end he like the sphincter muscle so I had to help him poop on a daily basis all these years and he never once complained I'm attaching some pictures of him thank you for saving this litter of kittens so many years ago he was a big part of my life and a very good Kitty friend"

Bella (aka Ziti)

"Ziti is now known as Bella and she is the love of my life. She is the sweetest dog ever! She has many medical issues but we wouldn’t change a thing!"

Miracle & Cali (aka Glinda)

"Miracle (age 14)  is doing fabulous & has become Cali’s bff!  Cali (formerly Glinda) is a RBARI rescue too.  
All 3 of my loves get along wonderfully & I cannot thank you all at RBARI for bringing these babies into my life! The work you do is amazing. Had to share some pics so you can see these beautiful babies!"


"I Think Peter Found His "Forever Home"...….Thanks For Everything!!"

Squirt (aka Jedi)

"We just love him to the moon and back."

Groot (aka Georgie)

"Some photo updates of Georgie (now known as Groot)"

Dylan (and his new brother Ripley)


"Elton is doing well... he is loved and cared for. He turned out to be the opposite of what u guys told me lol he is a lap cat he greets me when I wake up and when I come home he is very playful and enjoys running around and he loves his toys! And his favorite thing to do is chew on my fingers:) we love him very much! The top 3 pics are from today... he greeted me as soon as I got home and the last pic was so funny we were playing and I decided to snap a pic and it came out as of he taking it... we are blessed to have him part of our family."

Crepe & Toffee

"Thank you for reaching out to see how Crepe and Toffee are doing! They are both doing great! They are comfortable in their new home and have bonded with each other. We are so happy to have them in our home! Everyone at RBARI was so helpful to us through the adoption process! Thank you! Here are some pictures :)"

Kodak & Cayden

"I remember fostering Kodak (black) and his sisters as little kittens and having him be the first to climb up the cat tree and the first to run out of the room to explore the rest of the house. One night, I walked into the room to find Kodak's three sisters laying on top of him huddled together in the corner. When I picked him up, he cried and couldn't stand up. I took his temperature and it was through the roof so I rushed him to the hospital. After holding him on my lap in between the doctors bringing him into the back to do more tests, it was about 4 o'clock in the morning. I had to leave Kodak over night because the vet felt he wasn't stable enough to go home. From that second, I knew I had to adopt him and give him the life he deserves. Almost 3 years later, Kodak is fully grown, healthy, active and the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love him more than I have ever loved anything and I am so grateful RBARI brought him into my life.

Kodak would periodically look out my sliding glass door to frantically look for something. He would meow like crazy and run throughout the house. One night I decided to look out the window to see what all the fuss was about and it turned out to be Cayden (orange)! Cayden was starving and would eat every single last bite of food I would leave out for her. I set a trap in front of my house and after two attempts to catch her, I was finally able to! When I first got her to the shelter, she was extremely stressed out, panicked, aggressive and desperately trying to get out of the room. When we got her to the hospital, the doctor told me that she was pregnant and ready to give birth any day now. Shortly after, Cayden gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens but sadly, 3 died almost immediately after birth and 1 passed about a month after being adopted. Thankfully, the one who survived is living in a great home and I get to see him periodically to clip his nails! Once Cayden was spayed, I decided to foster her regardless of her behavior. After nearly 6 months, Cayden allowed me to pet her and soon petting become her sitting on my lap and I have officially adopted her! She and Kodak are bonded and love to play and cuddle each other. It's been about a year since I've had Cayden and she still needs some more work but I wouldn't change anything for the world!"


"Here are a few pics of Zoey :) She is such a sweetheart, I love her beyond-thank you for choosing me for this baby girl!"

Charlie (aka Ella)

"Hi everyone!
Charlie formally known as “Ella” is fitting in perfectly and settling in beautifully. She’s gorgeous and so much fun to have! She’s exactly what we needed. And she loves hanging with her buddy Peanut. Thank you all for everything and for making our adoption process so amazing! We love our newest family member so much... A true adoption success! 

 PS. Abby has been amazing with making sure we found the perfect fit for us. She’s an awesome human."

Bender (aka Warbucks)

"Good morning, See attached for some really cute pictures of Bender!"


This is Bella, a big Irishdoodle. I was adopted by George and Yuriko Yanagisawa.

My new parents took me to a groomer directly from your place. A lady at the grooming salon said my hair was so matted that she had no choice but to shave me all over. I will visit her again in 3 wks for a shampoo and in 6-7 wks for another hair cut. Until next time, my hair will grow longer and I think I will be able to have a prettier hair style.

I am a very good girl and taking my medication without giving my parents a hard time. I sleep on a couch while my mom is working on a computer like this (below):

There are many dogs in this neighborhood and I have already met some of them. They seemed very friendly, too.

Tonight I am going to meet my big brother in NYC. He is very excited to see me. My parents hope that he will come home more often to see me. (*^^*)

My parents are really happy with me around and I am glad that I can give them love.

I will see you in 2 wks for the blood test. Until then, don’t miss me!


Bella Yanagisawa


Indigo (aka Jackson)

“Here is a little update on the newest member of our family. In January we began to foster a sweet senior kitty, named Jackson. We very quickly realized we wouldn’t be able to part with him and we made him an official part of the family, complete with a new name, Indigo. He also happily goes by Indie, Mr Handsome and Boo Boo Bear . 

He has kidney disease as well as IBD, so we have taken him to get a routine established at our vet and to make sure we are managing his issues and keeping him as comfortable and happy as possible for as long as we can. Along with his prescription diet, he takes probiotics and gets daily subcutaneous fluids and is thriving. We had his bloodwork retested and his numbers are phenomenal. 

We slowly introduced him to our two dogs to make sure everyone was comfortable with each other and they are all doing well. We have a senior basset hound and a staffy mix and all three of our boys love each other and we often catch them snuggling on the bed. I have attached a few pictures.

Thanks so much for helping us meet our new fur baby. He will be loved and spoiled for the rest of his life. He completed our little family and has brought us so much joy. I previously worked in an animal shelter and I expected there to be a few bumps along the way as there often is when introducing a new pet to the family. However, his addition has been seamless. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Thank you!”

Maurice & Gaston

"Wanted to update you on Maurice & Gaston. We adopted them back in November and they are doing really well! They absolutely love each other!! We catch them snuggling, sleeping and cleaning each other all the time. Both are love bugs and snuggle with us every chance they get. Maurice (light gray) is a professional biscuit maker! They even want to snuggle with their doggie brother and sister. Sharing a few pics of these loving boys. So glad we adopted them!"


"Hi! Here are a couple of pictures of Faye, who I adopted at the end of December. She's an amazing cat--sweet, friendly and gentle. She only gets bossy when she wants to play :) Thank you for bringing her into my life. My son and I feel very lucky to have her!"

Shadow (aka Flint)

"Attached is a recent photo of flint (now named shadow) and his big brother ringo! He is happy, healthy, and is the cutest rambunctious guy around!"


"Danny in his new home (-:"


"Charles is doing great! He has fit into the family so well."

Stella (aka Nevada)

Benny & Ella

"I’m the person who adopted the Siamese boy in December and then took his sister in January. I wanted to give you an update on how they’re doing. Hopefully you enjoy a happy story.

Both Benny & Ella are doing well. They are sweet, playful, happy kitties. They’re both affectionate and lovable. They’re eating me out of house and home. I am glad I picked Benny. And then accepted Ella as a ‘bonus’ cat. I wasn’t really looking for a 3rd cat but now that I have her it couldn’t have worked out better. After our initial trouble with her hiding in my basement ceiling (the basement has now been cat-proofed) she has settled in well and is a wonderful addition to my world.

Having the brother and sister together has worked out well. They play together and chase each other around and are generally happy to be with each other. And they have blended well with my existing older cat too. So it really has gone as well as we could have asked for."

Harvey (& Egypt)

"He’s been such a great dog and every week he settles in more and gets a little more goofier! His new habit is to come up to me and tap me with his paw when he wants to be pet. He gets so excited when we get up in the morning that he starts jumping on his bed and bellowing with joy. He is a kiss giving bandit and will run up, lick your cheek, and then rub back to his bed, tail wagging the entire time. 

His most favorite place is the backyard and he and Emmy run loops together until they both lay down. He loves belly rubs in the sun on nice days out and when its a little warmer he likes to sit on the cool rocks underneath a tree in the shade. He also loves walks with Emmy and the two constantly rub against each other to make sure they’re together."

Bogey (aka Statler)

"My first pup Jessie, while not adopted from RBARI, was found on my front lawn and then I adopted her from the Bergen County Animal Shelter when no one claimed her. That happened 6 years ago.  Then Bogey (formerly Statler) came along February 2018.

There is something that you and your staff don't know about Bogey and me.  I came very close to having to bring Bogey back to the shelter.  A couple of weeks after I adopted Bogey, while he was still going through his broad behavioral adjustment period (which took a few months to be honest) and getting house trained, etc., I actually developed a cardiac blockage that was really knocking me on my butt. There were a couple of times that the stress of dealing with modifying/adjusting Bogey's behavior and dealing with my health issue at the time nearly had me giving up.  But it was also  around that time that Bogey became what I called a "Velcro Dog" and would not leave my side (yes, he even followed me into the bathroom) and when sitting on the sofa next to me, he practically tried to crawl into my pocket. And every time I held his head and looked into his eyes, there was a soulful appreciation staring back at me, and then the big wet kiss on my face. So we persevered and could not be happier for it.

You asked for some pictures of Bogey.  The first is from the day I picked him up and took him for a bath at the Spotted Dog before we headed home. The rest are he and his sister Jessie and Bogey being just Bogey (sitting in the toy basket), then of course there is his favorite position playing my co-pilot when we are in the car. He is a very happy boy!!"



"Warren is loving his forever home and we are thrilled to have him! He is pictured here with his new ‘brother’ Leo. They became fast friends and love playing together as well as napping together. ❤️ Warren is the beautiful cat on the right in each picture. The other cutie is Leo- also a rescue cat."


"Meshu is one happy dog. He’s full of energy and is constantly on the move. It’s like having a toddler again. He’s very inquisitive and very smart - sometimes too smart. He enjoys exploring our property and has come face to face with more than one deer.He loves belly rubs and rough housing with my husband (who’s a UPS man - so Meshu hit the doggie lottery) - but his number one obsession is squeaky toys. We can’t get enough.We took him to a groomer, and his long licks were trimmed to a short teddy bear cut which he seems to prefer.I can’t figure out how to attach photos to a reply so I’ll send them separately. But Meshu is exactly what our family needed after losing our beloved Shaggy last year."

Bundt Cake

"We are so happy to have her in our family. She is just wonderful! Thank you RBARI for helping us find a wonderful pet for our family!"


"Junior is doing great. He is now “Smitty” over here and has stolen our hearts and ever snuggle spot he can find. He is absolutely the sweetest little cuddle bug we have ever had the pleasure to bring home. The vet is super impressed with his sweetness and health and his coat has made a miraculous and stripy turn for softness! As you would have guessed, most of my photo roll is dedicated to his royal highness!"


"She is settled in like she was born here. Such a well behaved, sweet, loving girl. 
Loves her 4 legged sisters, and especially, her 2 greyhound “brothers”. 
Many thanks for making our home complete again. We love our new girl!!"

Daisy (aka Betty White)

"Trying to get the girls to stop moving is impossible. Tonight was a huge step. Daisy has now started playing tug of war with Dallas. Only took a couple days and she is coming out of her shell given the opportunity to be able to behave like a dog."


"When I adopted Beatrix (BB) about six years ago at about age 4/5, she was severely malnourished and very ill with a serious bout of heart worm. She is a puppy mill mama survivor and is the sweetest girl, loved by everyone who meets this Piebald Doxie. BB is a registered therapy dog and has come so far from the pup who did not even know how to climb stairs or drink from water bowl. I thank RBARI from the bottom of my heart for rescuing her and helping her heal  so she could experience a life of love and compassion!"


"Here are some of the pictures we have taken of Jane so far."

Tigger & Skye

"Thank you again to all the staff at RBARI!! You have all been wonderful!!! Skye and Buddy are very happy and so are we."

Mistletoe (Hayleigh) & Jessa (Francesca)

"I know Jessa (now Francesca) was adopted 3 years ago – but I like to say that she is 4 years old going on 14 months. She still loves to play, gets along with everyone, and is by far the smartest cat I have ever had live with me. She is also the cat who makes me laugh the most with her antics. Whatever shyness she may have shown at RBARI, she got over very quickly in my house – she greets my visitors with her tail waving and, if you sit on my couch, you have Francesca in your lap.

Mistletoe (now Hayleigh) has really come out of her shell – I doubt that she will ever be the greeter of strangers that Francesca is, but she certainly comes out for me. Her first week was pretty much spent in my bathroom, her next two weeks between the bathroom and the closet in the attached bedroom (although I suspect she also discovered the covered heating pad I have in the shelf for another of my older cats, because I could see her fur on the cover!). She then started to walk down the hall to my kitchen if she heard me there as if to say, “hey, I’m hungry, can I have some food?” Then, in this past week, she will come to me when I am in the bedroom or in the bathroom asking for pettings and rewarding me with gentle little purrs. She seems to be able to get along with everyone (although I think Elvis (2008) and Spam (2009) are still trying to figure out who is this new cat in the house). She also loves catnip toys and sleeping on that rocking chair. Sadly, though, she still is camera (and phone camera) shy, unlike my big actress Francesca!"

Bobert, Tiger, Paislee & River

"Bobert, Tiger, Paislee and River fill my heart and home with love ... all thanks to the day I met Dani at RBARI. <3"

Lily/Sage, Brandy/Nutmeg, Abby/Rosemary

"Here are the pictures of the kittens I showed you at the Kit Tea on Sat. Lily/Sage  Brandy/Nutmeg. And Abby/Rosemary."

Coco Chanel (aka Walnut)

"I adopted Coco from your shelter in January 2019. You new her as Walnut.  I chose to change her name to Coco Chanel because she struck me as a classy gal (with a coat coloration that can only be designer), and her cousin — my brother’s 5 year old Egyptian Mau— is named Hugo Boss.  Keepin’ it in the family.  

Mid- January when she left your shelter (photo 1) she was trembling, tentatively mewing in her brand new carrier at 3.6 lbs.  she braved a first car ride home all the way to the Big Apple and braved the whole new world of my one-bedroom apartment from the safe nook under my bedroom bench trunk.  She stayed there almost a week, migrating only to the similarly safe space under my bed.  Once, she even crawled into my wardrobe — from the BACK — and found a cozy space among my clean towels during her first thunderstorm here.  Needless to say, she must have shed as much fur as she did fear that storm, because those towels were no longer white and fluffy when I finally found her three hours later after a panicked search.  

Today, she has blossomed into a playful, elegant but still kitten-clumsy and curious creature. Just two days ago, I put a harness on her with a bungee leash and took her on a first foray into the hallway. She now weighs 7 lbs.  

Thank you for the opportunity to bond with such a special cat. I love her!"


"One happy cat! Thanks for all the help. We love him!"


"She's a sweetie. So happy she's with us. It's like she was waiting for us. We decided to name her Marie Antoinette like the princess she is."


"As a formerly feral cat, she's sweet, lays next to me while I work and gets along greatly with my dog!"


"She immediately took to us and sleeps on our laps. We absolutely love her!"


"Life has definitely been an adventure since Nina has joined us, but we wouldn't have it any otter way! She loves to play, and loves napping with her sister Kitty!"

Thank You Scott!

Scott did a donation drive for us at his school. This is a true RBARI Hero here!

Thank You Chase!

"Chase, an elementary student reached out to all of his friends and family, and set up a table in front of Stop & Shop in Wyckoff New Jersey to collect many many donations for all our dogs and cats. Thank you so much Chase!"

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