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Happy Tails!

Welcome to Happy Tails!

We are so excited to share how our dogs and cats are thriving in their forever homes. To share your own story of adopting from RBARI, please contact adoptlove@rbari.org.

Check back weekly for new stories.

Looking for a story you were particularly attached to? Click a name below!

(Each dog and cat's name, story, and date of story send-in is below their photo)

  • “We are beyond lucky to have Winifred join our family. She is all love and sweetness and brings our family so much joy. She is our very first dog and we truly hit the jackpot. Thank you to Jersey Pits Rescue and RBARI!"

  • 3/11/20: Cheeto
    3/11/20: Cheeto

    "I adopted Cheeto several months ago and he is such a joy! He acts more like a dog! Follows me everywhere around the house, greets me at the door when i get home from work and actually comes running when i call him. Lol. I love him to pieces and want to thank you for all you do! Sincerely, One happy cat owner, Amy"

  • 3/7/20: King
    3/7/20: King

    "King is doing awesome! We adore him and love to take him to a local dog park. He loves his toys, cuddling on our lap, and long walks and jogs with Brian. Hope you are all doing well at RBARI. Our best to your team and all the other pets who need love and homes."

  • 3/7/20: Conrad
    3/7/20: Conrad

    "Thank you so much checking in on Conrad! He is the light of our lives. His energetic spunk might have been a struggle for others but for us we have been enjoying his training and watching him grow! It wasn't always perfect but it had all been worth it! Thank you RBARI for bringing this amazing boy to us!"

  • 3/4/20: Cloudy
    3/4/20: Cloudy

    "She is very playful and loves to cuddle with the three of us wherever we are in the house. We bought her tons of toys so she’s very spoiled!"

  • 3/4/20: Charles Chovey & Juliette Jane(aka Dwight & Angela)
    3/4/20: Charles Chovey & Juliette Jane(aka Dwight & Angela)

    "Wanted to give you a happy update on Dwight and Angela who we have renamed Charles Chovey (Chovey was a nickname of our late Penelope) and Juliette Jane (Jane was Penelope’s middle name).

    They are adjusting so well and are loving their plush dog beds, yard to run in, all the toys they want, and countless kisses and hugs. They still get startled easily and we are introducing them to new noises slowly like the dishwasher, laundry machine and working with them on leash walking and house breaking. They are remarkable and we are in love.

    We got them groomed and bathed and they are so happy."

  • 2/26/20: Louie
    2/26/20: Louie

    "Louise was adopted and she said he fits in perfectly and wouldn't trade him for the world. :) He was finally able to get neutered and have his palette fixed on Monday."

  • 2/25/20: Mike
    2/25/20: Mike

    "Thank You! Thank You! Thank Yous! We are so in love!!"

  • 2/25/20: Pearl Bennett (aka Cuffs)
    2/25/20: Pearl Bennett (aka Cuffs)

    "This is my best friend “Pearl Bennett” I adopted her from you and let me say I love her more then words can say - having cancer is depressing but she always always brings a smile and laugh to my face. She is loving, sweet and easiest cat to cut nails - thank you so much for letting me have her in my life. God Bless!"

  • 2/24/20: Cody (aka Kasey)
    2/24/20: Cody (aka Kasey)

    "Hi, I just wanted to share my experience having just took home a surrender rescue from your wonderful shelter. I have been without a pup for 1 1/2 years now and knew it was time to get another rescue. My last three rescues were word of mouth and I’ve never gotten one through a shelter and I have to say this place was so warm and welcoming, super friendly! Kasey (now Cody) is a yr old white Golden girl, very sweet and really nervous but totally lovable. Completely house trained, and is learning to walk a little better on a leash. She is eating very well and likes her walks and meeting neighborhood dogs. My children came out from NYC to spend the night and meet her and Cody was just in heaven with all of the attention. She also sleeps with me.

    I want to thank the whole gang at RBARI for their kindness and patience with the animals and also with me! Alex walked me through all of the paperwork and made it a snap. Janet was very helpful answering little questions I had about the process. Colleen and Linda and Sandy all took the time to talk to me and no question was too small or seemed to trivial. It was just the best experience I could have hoped for!

    Cody is settling in beautifully and she is just a calm sweet loving girl. Perfect addition to my family. I’ve sent quite a few photos to this email and will continue to do so.

    Thanks so much to the whole team at RBARI"

  • 2/22/20: Coco (Update)
    2/22/20: Coco (Update)

    "CoCo and Max enjoyed their first trip to Maryland's Eastern Shore! They are having a great time and loving all of their fun walks!
    Thank you very much for allowing us to adopt him, we Love him so much!"

  • 2/22/20: Dusty
    2/22/20: Dusty

    "In case anyone remembers him, I fostered and adopted Dusty in May of 2018. He’d has a rough life. However, this now seems to be his favorite place."

  • 2/22/20: Zoey (Update)
    2/22/20: Zoey (Update)

    "I adopted Zoey back in June and had her certified as an emotional support dog. She settled in immediately. She is polite, doesn’t bark, loves people and snuggles. Since I spend the winter in Florida, she has even travelled on an airplane and gotten nothing but smiles from fellow travelers. The thing I hear most often when walking her is “cute dog”. Everyone loves her! What a tremendous difference she has made in my life!"

  • 2/18/20: Angela
    2/18/20: Angela

    "I just wanted to provide an update regarding Angela whom we adopted recently.

    She is doing GREAT... and so are we! Our son who had exhibited mild allergies to other cats has miraculously showed no signs of those irritations since bringing her at home and he does play with her quite a bit. She is greatly loved and has quickly adapted to her new surroundings rarely hiding and always out and ready to play and show affection with persistent licking when being petted. She is quite patient with our two sons who eagerly rush over to pet her every chance they get. They are very nice to her and I can already see positive benefits with them helping out with her care.

    Your staff was wonderful at helping us select the purrfect cat for us. We appreciate the time and energy you spend each and every day, thank you for this blessing."

  • 2/16/20: Archie
    2/16/20: Archie
  • 2/15/20: Gotcha (aka Peanut) (Update)
    2/15/20: Gotcha (aka Peanut) (Update)

    "Today Gotcha earned his first Beginner Novice obedience leg with a score of 194 out of a possible 200. He also earned his first Rally Novice leg with a first place and a score of 99 out of a possible 100! I’d say he gave me quite the Valentine! Tomorrow he gets to play agility!"

  • 2/7/20: Maggie Mae (aka Mae)
    2/7/20: Maggie Mae (aka Mae)

    "I adopted Maggie Mae (formerly Mae) in February 2008 when she was approximately 4...fast forward to this weekend we will be celebrating her Sweet 16 on Sunday, February 9th (her adoption anniversary). Thank you for rescuing our little princess and for bringing her into our lives :)."

  • 2/6/20: Theosophia (aka Kiwi)
    2/6/20: Theosophia (aka Kiwi)

    "Theosophia (the chihuahua formerly known as Kiwi) wishes you all a wonderful day!"

  • 2/6/20: Eleanor
    2/6/20: Eleanor

    "Eleanor is doing wonderfully and Mark and I love her already. She's spunky and sweet and has really adapted to our home well. She certainly loves to eat and she's a vocal little girl when she wants to be.

    Here are a few pictures of her so you know she's doing well. Feel free to call anytime to see how she is doing. I'll send more pictures later."

  • 2/5/20: Ringo & Blitz
    2/5/20: Ringo & Blitz

    "Hi! I am the happy owner of two of your alumni. Ringo was part of your “Freagles” effort and we could not love him more. Blitz, our handsome cat also adopted from RBARI, took a little longer to get on board, but we are all blissfully happy. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our home with both Ringo and Blitz. – Kathy, Kira and Juliana"

  • 2/5/20: Winter (aka Winnie)
    2/5/20: Winter (aka Winnie)

    "Here are some pictures of Winter, aka Winnie, she is doing fantastic and is a happy little girl. We love her! You can share on your fb or instagram page
    Also she loves chasing squirrels. Thank you for rescuing her so we could adopt her! I cannot imagine giving her up, she is so well trained and behaved."

  • 2/4/20: Chuck Norris
    2/4/20: Chuck Norris
  • 2/4/20: Joey (aka Rambo)
    2/4/20: Joey (aka Rambo)

    "Just thought I’d send you an update on my cat I adopted from you guys back in April 2014. His name was Rambo (now Joey) he was 6 and FIV positive. When we were looking at the cats, Joey sat on my husbands lap and wouldn’t move until we adopted him!

    Everyday since we’ve brought him home, he makes us laugh with his extreme tuxie sas! He’s got the most personality I’ve ever seen in a cat! So much so, that I started an instagram for him @joey_bear_extraordinaire where he has loads of fans that love seeing what he gets up to every day.

    He loves exploring his fenced in yard, and snoozing in his heated bed. He makes everyday better for me. I’m so glad he came into my life and became my best friend."

  • 2/4/20: Dax (Update)
    2/4/20: Dax (Update)

    "Dax is doing great, he is starting to bond with them, he has LOTS of energy so they have been keeping him busy with lots of new toys and walks! They are so happy he is apart of their family."

  • 2/4/20: Layla (aka Anna)
    2/4/20: Layla (aka Anna)

    "Layla loves playing with her big brother Chance. Figures out how to cuddle with you no matter how you’re sitting. Her downtime is spent in front of the fireplace preferably with a bone.

    Excited to see all the updates! We’d be so happy to see Olaf and Pepper again."

  • 2/4/20: Freddie & Ziggy (aka Francisco & Dax)
    2/4/20: Freddie & Ziggy (aka Francisco & Dax)

    "Hello!! I was able to adopt Francisco and Dax from RBARI last year and I have never been happier and neither have they!! They are now named Freddie Mercury and Ziggy Stardust after legends! Thank you for saving them and allowing these perfect brothers to come home with me!! Here are some pictures, feel free to post them!!"

  • 2/4/20: Macy (aka Tabitha)
    2/4/20: Macy (aka Tabitha)

    "Hello! I just wanted to submit some photos of Tabitha (now Macy, aka Macy-Moo, Moodles, and Oodles of Moodles) and how well she has adjusted to home life!

    She is our sweet little cinnamon roll and we just adore her!"

  • 1/29/20: Gigi
    1/29/20: Gigi

    "Gigi has settled in and is quite happy... no particular order.
    -Treats (duh)
    -Toys! Toys and more toys!
    -Puzzle box full of toys!
    -Pencils and pens are toys! They are taken away! But I keep digging them out
    -Anything I can find is a toy!
    -Cat TV (bird feeder on window)
    -Petting and scritches- drool city!
    -Warm bed

    -Nail trims... are you killing me!
    -My sister - meh... okay sometimes
    -Vet trips
    -Collar -hey is this a toy!


  • 1/29/20: Coco
    1/29/20: Coco

    "CoCo is doing great! He did very well on his ride home to Maryland. He is getting along well with Max and the cats, he is fitting in nicely. Thank You Very Much to everyone for being so kind, accommodating, informative and caring, it made the adoption of CoCo very pleasant and stress free. Thank you for signing him up in my name with Home Again, I went to sign him up when we got home and it was done. I did add on there that he has Cushing's disease and I added the medication name and dosages and his breed and his picture.

    CoCo has his first spa day scheduled for Sunday, February 2nd, with our long time groomer at Fur Babies Grooming in Hanover, PA, she does a great job with our Senior doggies.

    Again, thank you to everyone, your kindness and helpfulness, was greatly appreciated.

    We LOVE CoCo!!!!"

  • 1/24/20: Linus
    1/24/20: Linus

    "Can’t thank you all enough for bringing Linus into our lives. He has been with us for one week and is already a part of the family. He has the sweetest personality and loves to snuggle up next to us. He is very well-behaved and loving to all of us. Special thanks to Heather for considering us for the adoption and finding us the perfect pet, Nikki for introducing us to Linus and spending time speaking with us about caring for him, and Stephanie for finalizing all the paperwork and explaining it thoroughly. These three women were exceptional at taking care of Linus and us. They were both patient with us and Linus and able to answer all of our questions. They sent us home with all we needed to adopt Linus.
    Linus is a dream pet for our family. He is a perfect addition to our home!
    Thank you again Heather, Nikki and Stephanie for bringing this wonderful dog into our lives! Your organization is doing a spectacular job thanks to the 3 of you and all the volunteers and staff!!"

  • 1/22/20: Zeus
    1/22/20: Zeus

    "This boy was ecstatic to be adopted in 2018 (can you tell?!), and today, Zeus is even more happy and comfy in his loving home! He doesn't remember what it was like being homeless, with thanks to an incredible family and lots of love."

  • 1/22/20: Gavin
    1/22/20: Gavin
  • 1/21/20: Darius (aka Kramer)
    1/21/20: Darius (aka Kramer)
  • 1/21/20: Dax
    1/21/20: Dax
  • 1/20/20: Georgie (aka Avocado)
    1/20/20: Georgie (aka Avocado)

    "Georgie’s dad let me know that you guys gave him a call ! Figured I’d follow up with some pics. We are so grateful for our boy and he has made loads of progress since coming home with us and we love him so much !
    Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the greatest gift of 2019 and the best boy ever, he now has lots of doggie and human friends, a doggo girlfriend (see lady and the tramp photo below) and lots of toys, warm clothes and lots and lots of love !"

  • 1/19/20: Gotcha (aka Peanut) (Update)
    1/19/20: Gotcha (aka Peanut) (Update)

    "I thought you guys might appreciate this photo taken on this snowy winter day. The bed is Gotcha’s but he wasn’t upset when Clay laid in it... he just got in too! They sleep together often are are best buds! Gotcha and his dog housemates are going to Canine Camp Getaway in June where he hopes to experience even more new things!"

  • 1/19/20: Maggie (and Sammy)
    1/19/20: Maggie (and Sammy)

    "Hey there. This is the person who adopted Sammy and Maggie. Just wanted to let you all know the first night is going rather smooth. Mr. Sammy is being a shy guy and hiding, but allowing me to pet and scratch him.
    Ms. Maggie has opened right up after a little hiding. she has taken to play and even allowed me to put her in my lap, where she made herself at home for a while.
    it seems I will need to work on Sammy and let him take his time. However, they are both loves and I hope they enjoy their forever home."

  • 1/19/20: Jay
    1/19/20: Jay

    "here are some pictures of Jay who we adopted from RBARI in 2018"

  • 1/17/20: Leah
    1/17/20: Leah

    "Here is Leah and her mama loving each other. 2016 I was lucky enough to
    rescue this girl and she rescued me. So thankful you guys brought us
    together!! Thank you for doing what you do!!"

  • 1/16/20: Louie
    1/16/20: Louie

    "So cute!"

  • 1/15/20: Jamo (aka Fancy Feet)
    1/15/20: Jamo (aka Fancy Feet)

    "12 years old - adopted March 2009
    Just wanted to share a photo of “fancy feet” jamo after all these years! 12 years this year!"

  • 1/15/20: Mango (aka Mr. Mango)
    1/15/20: Mango (aka Mr. Mango)

    "I saw your post on Facebook and thought I’d send some photos of Mr. Mango, now known as MANGO.

    I adopted him in March 2017. He was 9 years old then. He is doing great. We now live in Rhode Island by the water and he loves it.

    The first photo was adoption day. As you can see he had a distinct white eye, a cataract and is blind in that eye. Since then the cataract dislodged and went to the back of his eye. According to the eye specialist, he’s fine living with it this way.

    He’s healthy, loves his walks and seeing lots of friends, both human and canine.

    Thanks for all you do."

  • 1/14/20: Rami
    1/14/20: Rami

    "We are fostering Rami, one of the NY trailer cats. (Since 3/23/19). While we would love to be able to take a photo holding Rami, she won't let us pick her up after we brought her to get spayed. LOL! however, she has become a very active and participating member of our household. She has come an incredibly long way in two months and we feel it would be incredibly unfair to have her start over after all that she has been through. Therefore, we would like to formally adopt her."

  • 1/14/20: Sammy
    1/14/20: Sammy

    "The videos are too big to send at once but this photo is from his first day home and he followed me to the kitchen."

  • 1/14/20: Simba (aka Moji)
    1/14/20: Simba (aka Moji)

    "Simba aka Moji is living his best life here with us!! He is such a delight, makes us laugh everyday and has taken over the shoeboxes with his buddy. Thank you RBARI for letting us have him."

  • 1/14/20: Leo
    1/14/20: Leo

    "Hi, We wanted to share with you the gift of love you gave us a little over 2 years ago. Leo was an owner surrender with another dog and that dog was adopted right away. Leo was at the shelter a few months and he has been a blessing in our lives since that day we came in to meet a dog we found on pet finder. Leo was about 11 months old, he was absolutely terrified when we brought him home, he had to be physically picked up and put in my car. I felt guilty for taking him away from the only place he felt comfortable. Leo didn’t bark for 2 months, he shook in fear at almost everything. Within a couple months he certainly came out of his shell and he now knows he is home wherever we are. He is our favorite adventure partner, he travels with us almost everywhere we go. He is truly one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met! Thank you again for all you guys do!"

  • 1/13/20: Jake (aka Jacob)
    1/13/20: Jake (aka Jacob)

    "Got your message. Jake has been getting better. He seems to really like
    people. When friends come over he is excited to see them and jumps up on
    the chair next to them when they are in the living room. He has been peeing
    in his bed so I took him to the vet last week and she did an ultrasound on
    his kidneys to rule out stones and he is fine. She thinks he may be
    leaking and gave me pills to give him a half of pill. Ironically, he
    stopped two days before we went to vet. So far he hasn't done it. He was
    doing good with respect for going for Clancy until one night last week. He
    usually sleeps in a doggie playpen that zips up on top and a little door
    that zips closed. The one night he went in Clancy's bed before I went in
    the bedroom, Clancy went in before me and must have gone to his bed and Jake
    went for him, I was just going in and heard the commotion. So now Clancy is
    afraid to go in his bed. So I make sure Jake is in his and zipped up and
    bring Clancy to his bed. Jake is still quirky but we learn to work around
    things. He is just starting to sit when you ask him to with food. He never
    sat before, he would always lie down.

    We were at a wedding at a hotel and a family member had their bulldog puppy
    and we tried to introduce but Jake wasn't too friendly. So we will have to
    work more on other dog socialization with him. He still acts fearful at
    times when you go to pet him. He must have been abused definitely. He
    seems very happy and loves watching the squirrels and deer. He has gained a
    bit of weight too, may have to put him on a diet."

  • 1/13/20: Harvey & Egypt (Update)
    1/13/20: Harvey & Egypt (Update)

    "We wanted to send you a quick update on Harvey, who came home with us one year ago yesterday and his big sister Emmy (Egypt) who has been with us for 3 years now. Harvey has changed so much over the past year and has become one big mush! He loves: fluffy dog beds, squeaky toys, belly scratches, and long walks! Emmy has enjoyed taking on the roll of big sister and both have learned so much from each other! Harvey has helped Emmy with her fear of thunderstorms and Emmy has helped Harvey with his everyday anxieties of people and cars. We are so happy they have joined our family and feel so lucky to be the recipients of their love!"

  • 1/13/20: Toby
    1/13/20: Toby

    "I've been meaning to bring my Toby (now 12 year old giant black lab who was given up with his equally giant brother Remy) up for a alumni visit but just haven't gotten up there but then saw your post with this email address. I adopted Toby after buying my house and couldn't be happier to have him. He's a giant, (still) stubborn, loyal, affectionate, baby hahaha. I've attached some photos from over the years with him. We also adopted a grey lab (Zeus) puppy to keep Toby company and not surprisingly they became best of friends. I can't thank you all for all you do for these animals and for bringing Toby in to our lives."

  • 1/13/20: Tyson
    1/13/20: Tyson

    "I adopted Tyson in November 2016. He is such a sweet heart"

  • 1/13/20: Scooby
    1/13/20: Scooby

    "My husband, Mark, and I adopted Scooby in 2014 after loosing our lab Hudson. We were so lonely without a dog and found Scooby on your website. Scooby has been the best dog ever. He is so happy and gives us plenty of joy. He enjoys going for walks every morning with mom and goes to day care every Wednesday to play with his friends. He goes to our lake house every weekend and swims and hangs out by the lake. We cannot thank you enough for our wonderful boy!"

  • 1/13/20: Remy (aka Selena)
    1/13/20: Remy (aka Selena)

    "We adopted Remy, formerly known as Selena 7 years ago. Remy is the smartest and most loyal dog I’ve ever met. She is the BEST foster sister to the kittens and puppies that I foster. We couldn’t have been any luckier finding her at your shelter! She is 8.5 now and the grayer she gets, the more we love her! Thank you so much for everything you do!!!! Some pictures from the last 7 years are below :)"

  • 1/13/20: Belle (aka Jessie)
    1/13/20: Belle (aka Jessie)

    "Thank you for checking in on Belle! I’m so happy that I found her! Here are some pictures of her."

  • 1/13/20: Nate
    1/13/20: Nate

    "I saw your post on Facebook and wanted to send some pictures of Nate who we adopted in August of 2019. Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for everything you do!"

  • 1/13/20: Mia
    1/13/20: Mia

    "Hi! Mia is wonderful! Such a sweetheart! She was just at the vet and she started on heart meds. Now she doesn’t need to be seen for 6 months! Here are some pictures!"

  • 1/13/20: Lizzy (aka Baby)
    1/13/20: Lizzy (aka Baby)

    "This our princess Lizzy ( formally Baby). We adopted her in 2006 and god willing she will be 14 on June 2nd. She is our baby girl!"

  • 1/12/20: Penny (aka Rachel)
    1/12/20: Penny (aka Rachel)

    "some photos of Penny - originally Rachel when we adopted her from you in 2016"

  • 1/12/20: Eli
    1/12/20: Eli
  • 1/12/20: Mochi
    1/12/20: Mochi

    "Mochi's second annual picture with Santa at Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, NJ. This is a wonderful organization and all proceeds go to help animals in desperate need of homes and care. We can't thank them enough for rescuing this wonderful little dog who found his way to us and brings joy to all he meets."

  • 1/12/20: Teddy (aka Bunsen)
    1/12/20: Teddy (aka Bunsen)

    "We adopted Teddy about 2 years ago from RBARI. He was one of the 12 Paterson dogs (previously named Bunsen). Teddy is a sweet little boy who loves his new sister Marley, who we adopted in September. He loves going on hikes and hanging out with his family. Here are some photos."

  • 1/12/20: Hudson
    1/12/20: Hudson

    "Hi! We adopted Hudson in April 2014 so he’s almost 6. We adore him and he’s very spoiled. He even participates in our Snapchat pics

  • 1/12/20: Finley (aka Benji)
    1/12/20: Finley (aka Benji)

    "Hi! I saw on Facebook requests for updates on adopted pets. I rescued Finley, at the time his name was Benji, in December of 2016. I cannot tell you how much love and joy this sweet pup has brought into my life. He is honestly just the sweetest, most special dog. When I first adopted him, he was very scared of other dogs and honestly people as well. I remember visiting him in the shelter for the first time and he was too timid for me to even pet. Three years later, this pup is running up to strangers to say hi and has so many other dog friends from around the neighborhood! Finley is obsessed with pillows and blankets and loves going for his daily long walks (he cannot get enough of being outside in the fresh air). I’ve included a few pics and videos! I just wanted to thank everyone at your organization for the work you do. Finley is an incredible dog, I can’t imagine my life without him!"

  • 1/12/20: Sage
    1/12/20: Sage

    "We adopted Sage about 5 or 6 years ago from you. She is doing great and the
    light of our lives. She was a puppy mill rescue. She had bad paw problems
    when we adopted her. That cleared up and she has had no problems since.
    This is a recent picture. Thanks RBARI!"

  • 1/12/20: Kobi (aka McGregor)
    1/12/20: Kobi (aka McGregor)

    "We adopted McGregor now named Kobi 3 1/2 years ago. He is the most loving and playful fur baby ever. Thank you RBARI for all that you do for these babies. We couldn’t imagine our lives with our baby. ❤️"

  • 1/10/20: Ally
    1/10/20: Ally

    "Just so you know, we love Ally more than anything. She is such a special cat. I'm attaching a few photos for you. She has been beating the odds since we adopted her. About 3 months after adopting her, during a regular exam and then with follow-up x-rays and an ultrasound, we were told that she had lung cancer and also either IBS or stomach cancer. We were devastated, because our previous cat Emmy, who we also adopted from you, passed away from lung cancer after we had her for 4 years on May 31, 2017. So to hear that our new cat had the same thing was so hard. But we immediately started her on prednisolone, and she is still with us, almost 2 years after being diagnosed and after 2 vets told us she had anywhere from 1-6 months to live. She's a miracle. She's so sweet - you can kiss her anywhere. She loves to get her tummy rubbed and will actually put a leg up on your hand to show her tummy. She makes us laugh every day and we just love her so much."

  • 1/9/20: Deena
    1/9/20: Deena

    "Had to send you a photo of our two RBARI alums!!!"

  • 1/9/20: Axel
    1/9/20: Axel

    "AXEL is 8 mos old today. When I took him he was 6mos and weighed 45lbs ..last night he was 60lbs. He is happy and full of energy..his trainer is Tom from K9 solutions and Axel goes to pooch play on Saturday to get some energy out and play with some other dogs. He is spoiled.....We love him!!!"

  • 1/9/20: Hazel
    1/9/20: Hazel

    "Just an update on hazel. It has been just over a year since we adopted her from you guys! And I don't think words can the progress she has made;we are so appreciative that you all saw the same light that we saw in her and took a chance. We can not speak enough kind words about all of you! Here are some photos of hazel now! She no longer thrashes, she is amazing with kids, she loves playing fetch, and most of all she loves to be cuddled!"

  • 1/9/20: Benji (aka Bently)
    1/9/20: Benji (aka Bently)

    "Hi there, Benji (Bently adopted on 8/15/19) visited Santa today with his 2 siblings. It was probably his 1st time, but he instantly wanted to be picked up when the Santa offered. Too cute and extremely friendly!"

  • 1-8-20: Demon (aka Arya)
    1-8-20: Demon (aka Arya)

    "Demon formally known as Arya is the most mischievous little kitten and I couldn't be happier. I known once I got her as a foster I couldn't give her up. She loves to run around and make a mess but at night always sleeps right next to me. She's the best kitten I could have asked for❤️"

  • 1/7/20: Misty
    1/7/20: Misty
  • 1/2/20: Sara
    1/2/20: Sara

    "I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you all . My present was early this year , as all I wanted was an older lab. Sara is a perfect fit and loved dearly . Thank you all so much"

  • 1/2/20: Flash
    1/2/20: Flash

    "Hi former home! It's me, Flash! Hope you like my new hairdo! Happy New Year! -Flash and the Towle family."

  • 12/28/19: Juno (aka Versailles)
    12/28/19: Juno (aka Versailles)

    "Since that horrible and sad period in our lives, not a day goes by that I don’t thank God that I stood up for our beloved Juno and insisted that she stay with us for the rest of her life. She has come to be such a joy in our lives and is now a much happier and confident cat. Now, when we love on her, she will tilt her head towards us in order to be kissed. And we certainly oblige."

  • 12/28/19: Nova
    12/28/19: Nova

    "I just wanted to give you guys an update on nova here’s a holiday photo. Feel free to share on your Facebook page . We love her so much ♥️ Happy holidays!"

  • 12/23/19: Bud & Chico
    12/23/19: Bud & Chico

    "Bud and Chico are doing as well as can be expected. They are both on a number of pain medications and supplements in addition to laser therapy for their ancient joints. Chico in particular is thriving. He now RUNS and leaps when outside. He also absolutely LOVES it outside. He will lay out there for 30 minutes if we would let him. He rolls around in the grass and snow and LOVES to play ball. Bud still struggles and I hope I’m doing right by him. He’s HAPPY, bright eyed and wants to be in whichever room we are. I am hoping to remove the accessory dog attached to his side after the holiday. Don’t know if that will assist with his comfort, but we can at least try."

  • 12/20/19: Gracie (aka Turbo)
    12/20/19: Gracie (aka Turbo)

    "Hi, this is Matt, one part of the family that adopted Turbo a month or so ago. After much consideration, she has been renamed to Gracie. Since her adoption she has adjusted very well to her new home, complete with plenty of toys, scratching posts, places to hide, and even a cat tree!

    Anyway, I believe that upon adopting Gracie we were asked to provide an update on how she's been. I'm pleased to say that she has been a joy to welcome to our home. After her single-room introduction on the first day, she has become extremely curious about everything and is comfortable exploring the house. She is eating an appropriate amount of canned food and seems to love each meal."

  • 12/20/19: Thumbelina
    12/20/19: Thumbelina

    "Just wanted to send you a photo of Thumbelina who we adopted in the spring and renamed Poppy because of her resemblance to popcorn when she jumps. It took 2 weeks before she would bark and several weeks more before she would bark at the door to go out and now she barks at us to communicate all sorts of desires e.g. it’s time to feed me, let’s go for a walk, time for bed. We love her so much and are so grateful to everyone at Bergen Ramapo Rescue for saving her."

  • 12/12/19: Miracle
    12/12/19: Miracle

    "Miracle, my senior rescue, has been home for a year and doing wonderfully!
    Thank you all for the amazing work you do, that bring these wonderful pets
    into our lives!
    Merry Christmas!"

  • 12/9/19: Hendrix (aka Gizmo) & Santana (aka Cosmo)
    12/9/19: Hendrix (aka Gizmo) & Santana (aka Cosmo)

    "We just wanted to thank you again for our newest additions to our family! These little guys have acclimated extremely well into our home and are the sweetest little cuddlers ever! They are doing really well with our 7 year old son and his crazy friends and is so gentle with our 5 month old who is starting to grab and loves to try and “pet” them.
    We wanted to send a few pics to let you know they are happy and healthy and we are so thankful!"

  • 12/6/19: Olaf
    12/6/19: Olaf

    "I stopped by Olaf’s new home tonight. What a cutie! He is so tiny and sweet, and they love him so much already!"

  • 12/6/19: Howie
    12/6/19: Howie

    "Thank you again for being helpful with us in getting Howie into our home and family.
    He is a wonderful addition and we love him so much. He is definitely happy in his new home."

  • 12/5/19: Valentina (aka Foxy)
    12/5/19: Valentina (aka Foxy)

    I attached some photos of Valentina, formerly Foxy. Thank you guys so much
    for rescuing her and allowing us to adopt her. She means the world to us."

  • 12/5/19: Polly
    12/5/19: Polly

    "Polly & her new friend reading some books. Cant believe she's going to be 6yrs old on December 24th love her sooo much"

  • 12/4/19: Pepper (aka Peanut Butter)
    12/4/19: Pepper (aka Peanut Butter)

    "Hi here are the pictures of my girls and guy I promised I would send. I called them My foxhound and his 3 little beagles

  • 11/30/19: Gotcha (aka Peanut)
    11/30/19: Gotcha (aka Peanut)

    "Sharing some news about Alumni Peanut. On Black Friday, Gotcha! (formerly Peanut) earned his first AKC agility Q in Novice Fast on his first try with a first place! Gotcha! is not ready to truly compete yet, having only completed about 4 months of training to date, but he had fun in this class in which the harder can more easily control the obstacles completed and course design. Attached are some recent photos of Gotcha! and his fur family."

  • 11/25/19: Bailey (aka Leia)
    11/25/19: Bailey (aka Leia)

    "I hope you are all doing well. Five years ago today, we adopted Leia (now, Bailey) from RBARI. She was one of the “Star Wars” Mauxie pups from a breeding situation in Louisiana. When we adopted her, she was scared of the world and any kind of Human touch. She would hide in the coils of our couches and recliners shaking. Out of the 4 pups, she was the most timid and hence why she had no interest in the shelter. It took TIME, lots of it. But this little girl has taught us more about life, love, and forgiveness than I could have ever imagined. We would love to hear any updates about her siblings if you have any. We love her so much and are so thankful for all of you."

  • 11/25/19: Buttons
    11/25/19: Buttons
  • 11/25/19: Delilah (aka Cali)
    11/25/19: Delilah (aka Cali)

    "Here are a few pictures and videos of Cali! We have renamed her back to her original name Delilah and nickname her Lilah (or wiggle butt). She’s amazing and getting much better with strangers. I will make sure to continue sending updates!"

  • 11/25/19: Gavin
    11/25/19: Gavin

    "From then to now. Thank you so much for all you do we could not love this boy more."

  • 11/25/19: Howie
    11/25/19: Howie

    "Howie is doing great! He is a wonderful addition to our family. ❤️

  • 11/25/19: Mia
    11/25/19: Mia

    "Just wanted to share some pictures of Mia. She is settling in and this is truly “A Happy Tail”"

  • 11/25/19: Remy
    11/25/19: Remy
  • 11/25/19: Sara
    11/25/19: Sara

    "Hi to all . I wanted to say Thanks again for allowing me to adopt Sara . She is a perfect fit. She is very relaxed and has settled right in . She is just a joy and I hope to have many years with her . She is on a diet to help her stay active and lose weight . Thanks again"

  • 11/25/19: Toby
    11/25/19: Toby

    "We love Toby. He goes everywhere with us. So far he has been to the beach, parks, vacations, a wedding, even college! P.S. He is a Yankee fan."

  • 11/25/19: Trooper (aka Cheddar)
    11/25/19: Trooper (aka Cheddar)

    "Trooper (formerly Cheddar) is living the high life now. The last photo are skeletons we put out front of our house for Halloween. They're present everyone in our family. This year we were so excited give Trooper his very own skeleton."

  • 11/25/19: Woody
    11/25/19: Woody

    "Woody is doing great, he’s happy and playful and loved oh so much. He’s a little cuddle buddy and loves nothing more than being snuggled up in a blanket on your lap. He somehow always hogs my side of the bed; for such a small dog he sure can take up a lot of space. I’m really grateful to have him in our little family."

  • 11/24/19: Apollo
    11/24/19: Apollo

    "Apollo was adopted on Thursday, November 21, 2019.
    As you can see, he has been taken care of extremely well from his new adopters during his foster care and took great care during his eye surgery (which the stitches just came out on Thursday.)

    He is a very happy boy and will live a lovely life with his new family!"

  • 11/21/19: Hannah
    11/21/19: Hannah

    "Hannah loves her forever home! She's the queen of the house and is such a loyal, loving and intelligent dog. She fits in perfectly."

  • 11/17/19: Sam
    11/17/19: Sam

    "Hi Shelter friends,
    I just wanted to give you an update on Sam, adopted on 11/5. Sam is doing
    great and we love him so much. We soon found out that Sam had very bad
    separation anxiety, so I hired a trainer, Cindy Mauro, to help with crate
    training. He was getting destructive in the house while we were out. He is
    doing well in the crate, while we're at work and I hope that someday we can
    eliminate the need for that as he gets more comfortable with us. He's been
    hiking several times already at Harriman and is up to hiking 5 miles with my
    son. I often take him to Ramapo Reservation after I get home from school.
    We're still trying to get him to be less excited around other dogs. He's
    very trainable and walks beautifully on a leash. I feel like us being
    together was meant to be. We adore him and hope to give him the stable,
    calm, fun, life he deserves.
    I've attached some photos,
    Thanks for everything."

  • 11/15/19: Jasper
    11/15/19: Jasper
  • 11/10/19: Oscar
    11/10/19: Oscar

    "We’ve made great progress and we are working on accepting new human friends

  • 11/4/19: Alexandra
    11/4/19: Alexandra

    "At first we were nervous that Alexandra and our other cat were going to have a long road to friendship but the adjustment to each other has gone better than we could have hoped for! In the beginning there were a few potty accidents and some picky eating. Since the first week of adjusting to each other no further accidents have occurred and the two are best friends now. Alexandra has been a wonderful addition to our family that we are extremely thankful for. Everyone at the shelter was very kind and helpful which made an already great experience even better!"

  • 11/4/19: Alli (aka Alessia)
    11/4/19: Alli (aka Alessia)

    "Hi here is my little girl. She is happy in the home w her other furry family members. She is a good girl with alot of energy."

  • 11/4/19: Arya
    11/4/19: Arya
  • 11/4/19: Aspen (aka Snowy)
    11/4/19: Aspen (aka Snowy)

    "Just wanted to let you know he is adjusting VERY well. And has calmed down a
    lot already. Still working on his manners but definitely improving.

  • 11/4/19: Athens
    11/4/19: Athens

    "I am pleased to share Athens has been adjusting well to his new home and life. He has brought a tremendous amount of love and joy in such a short amount of time. I would like to sincerely thank everyone for caring for him and all the animals at the shelter. The work and dedication the volunteers invest is admired and appreciated."

  • 11/4/19: Autumn & Summer (aka Vivienne & Valentina)
    11/4/19: Autumn & Summer (aka Vivienne & Valentina)

    "Update:settling into the guest bedroom nicely, renamed Autumn and Summer

  • 11/4/19: Azzy Ebel (aka Fraser)
    11/4/19: Azzy Ebel (aka Fraser)
  • 11/4/19: Bandit & Chip (aka Ollie & Chloe)
    11/4/19: Bandit & Chip (aka Ollie & Chloe)

    "These are the most recent pictures. Bandit (Ollie) the Pom was came home from your shelter on 4/1/08 at 4-5 years old. Chip (Chloe) the white dog came home 5/21/11. They both are in perfect health and love camping. No dogs are loved more. Thank you RBARI!"

  • 11/4/19: Barnabas
    11/4/19: Barnabas

    "You had called the other day to check in about Barnabas. I couldn’t be happier with him! Turns out he is such a cuddle bug. He assimilated so quick and well in my house. My other cat loves him and finally has a buddy to play with. He’s such a good boy. Thank you!"

  • 11/4/19: Batman (aka Max)
    11/4/19: Batman (aka Max)

    My husband, daughter and I have been fostering Max the tuxedo cat since January. I honestly thought we had already adopted him because he has fit right into our house since day 1. We've renamed him "Batman" because our 2 year old daughter started calling him that when we brought him home! He is turning into quite the sweetheart and has chosen me to be his cuddle buddy at night. He gets along great with our 10 year old tuxedo cat, Slim and reacts well with our very active toddler. We've only had two incidents of him getting over stimulated, but he seems to be doing so much better with that since we play with him every night and he seems to love exercising on his huge cat tree! He's so great and we can't imagine not having him as part of our family!

  • 11/4/19: Bear
    11/4/19: Bear
  • 11/4/19: Beatrix (BB)
    11/4/19: Beatrix (BB)

    "When I adopted Beatrix (BB) about six years ago at about age 4/5, she was severely malnourished and very ill with a serious bout of heart worm. She is a puppy mill mama survivor and is the sweetest girl, loved by everyone who meets this Piebald Doxie. BB is a registered therapy dog and has come so far from the pup who did not even know how to climb stairs or drink from water bowl. I thank RBARI from the bottom of my heart for rescuing her and helping her heal  so she could experience a life of love and compassion!"

  • 11/4/19: Beauty
    11/4/19: Beauty

    "Please see attached a picture of the incomparable Beauty, whom my husband and I adopted from RBARI in November 2018, and who just turned one! She's 7.2 pounds of fun, and a real character. We love her."

  • 11/4/19: Bella
    11/4/19: Bella

    "This is Bella, a big Irishdoodle. I was adopted by George and Yuriko Yanagisawa.

    My new parents took me to a groomer directly from your place. A lady at the grooming salon said my hair was so matted that she had no choice but to shave me all over. I will visit her again in 3 wks for a shampoo and in 6-7 wks for another hair cut. Until next time, my hair will grow longer and I think I will be able to have a prettier hair style.

    I am a very good girl and taking my medication without giving my parents a hard time. I sleep on a couch while my mom is working on a computer like this (below):

    There are many dogs in this neighborhood and I have already met some of them. They seemed very friendly, too.

    Tonight I am going to meet my big brother in NYC. He is very excited to see me. My parents hope that he will come home more often to see me. (*^^*)

    My parents are really happy with me around and I am glad that I can give them love.

    I will see you in 2 wks for the blood test. Until then, don’t miss me!


    Bella Yanagisawa"

  • 11/4/19: Bella (aka Ziti)
    11/4/19: Bella (aka Ziti)

    "Ziti is now known as Bella and she is the love of my life. She is the sweetest dog ever! She has many medical issues but we wouldn’t change a thing!"

  • 11/4/19: Bender (aka Warbucks)
    11/4/19: Bender (aka Warbucks)
  • 11/4/19: Benny & Ella (aka Frankie & Willa)
    11/4/19: Benny & Ella (aka Frankie & Willa)

    "Hi to all at RBARI,

    Especially the folks in the cat kennel who were so helpful in getting me setup with my two new kitties.

    I’m the person who adopted the Siamese boy in December and then took his sister in January. I wanted to give you an update on how they’re doing. Hopefully you enjoy a happy story.

    Both Benny & Ella are doing well. They are sweet, playful, happy kitties. They’re both affectionate and lovable. They’re eating me out of house and home. I am glad I picked Benny. And then accepted Ella as a ‘bonus’ cat. I wasn’t really looking for a 3rd cat but now that I have her it couldn’t have worked out better. After our initial trouble with her hiding in my basement ceiling (the basement has now been cat-proofed) she has settled in well and is a wonderful addition to my world.

    Having the brother and sister together has worked out well. They play together and chase each other around and are generally happy to be with each other. And they have blended well with my existing older cat too. So it really has gone as well as we could have asked for."

  • 11/4/19: Bobert, Tiger, Paislee & River
    11/4/19: Bobert, Tiger, Paislee & River

    "Bobert, Tiger, Paislee and River fill my heart and home with love ... all thanks to the day I met Dani at RBARI. <3"

  • 11/4/19: Bogey (aka Statler)
    11/4/19: Bogey (aka Statler)

    "My first pup Jessie, while not adopted from RBARI, was found on my front lawn and then I adopted her from the Bergen County Animal Shelter when no one claimed her. That happened 6 years ago.  Then Bogey (formerly Statler) came along February 2018.

    There is something that you and your staff don't know about Bogey and me.  I came very close to having to bring Bogey back to the shelter.  A couple of weeks after I adopted Bogey, while he was still going through his broad behavioral adjustment period (which took a few months to be honest) and getting house trained, etc., I actually developed a cardiac blockage that was really knocking me on my butt. There were a couple of times that the stress of dealing with modifying/adjusting Bogey's behavior and dealing with my health issue at the time nearly had me giving up.  But it was also  around that time that Bogey became what I called a "Velcro Dog" and would not leave my side (yes, he even followed me into the bathroom) and when sitting on the sofa next to me, he practically tried to crawl into my pocket. And every time I held his head and looked into his eyes, there was a soulful appreciation staring back at me, and then the big wet kiss on my face. So we persevered and could not be happier for it.

    You asked for some pictures of Bogey.  The first is from the day I picked him up and took him for a bath at the Spotted Dog before we headed home. The rest are he and his sister Jessie and Bogey being just Bogey (sitting in the toy basket), then of course there is his favorite position playing my co-pilot when we are in the car. He is a very happy boy!!"

  • 11/4/19: Bonnie
    11/4/19: Bonnie

    "She immediately took to us and sleeps on our laps. We absolutely love her!"

  • 11/4/19: Boone
    11/4/19: Boone
  • 11/4/19: Bubba Gump
    11/4/19: Bubba Gump

    "Hi Friends!
    Since we're approaching Bubba's first birthday this month, we wanted to send you a little update on Bubs since we've brought him home & include some photos for everyone to enjoy.

    Bubba acclimated to life in Jersey City almost immediately when we brought him home last October. It was pretty clear right away that we were "his people" & he fit in right off the bat. He's made so many good friends in the neighborhood between hanging at the park across the street & going for daily walks with his dog walker & pals. One of his besties is a Rhodesian Ridgeback who recently went through chemo treatment & was out of commission for a few weeks. Our walker said once he returned to their daily walks, Bubba has been like a therapy dog for him, which warms our heart. Everyone everywhere just loves him.

    Oh! And some exciting news - Bubba is going to be a big brother! Mike and I are expecting a baby boy this August :) I think Bubs is really excited for his new role! Even more exciting - we are all moving out of Jersey City to Oradell next month where Bubs will have a big fenced in yard to romp around in & will be closer to our families & their pups (his best friends Bryce & Cowboy).

    He makes his rounds & travels everywhere with us - up to Mike's folks' place in CT where he hangs with his uncle Mickey (another pit), to see our families (& their pups) in Bergen County, trips to Home Depot, & even comes to the ice rink to watch Mike play hockey!

    He is about 43 lbs. & we don't think he is going to get much bigger! He is the SWEETEST, most gentle & sensitive little man. He is great with his obedience training & will do anything for scrambled eggs. He is a really special soul who has brought so much joy & happiness to our growing family. We can't even remember life without him & we feel so fortunate that we belong to him :)

    We hope his family is doing well! We've been in touch with his sister's (Shrimp) mom through Instagram, but would love to hear how Forrest, Jenny, Alabama, & Junior are doing!

    Thanks again for everything you guys do... you are truly amazing,
    Erin, Mike & Bubba Gump"

  • 11/4/19: Bud & Goldie
    11/4/19: Bud & Goldie

    "Hello everyone!! Just thought I would share a few pix of Bud and Goldie. We actually changed her name to Isabelle. We call her Izzy. Or "busy Izzy" and our nick name for Bud is "budder beans". They are doing great!! And I think they have adjusted to our home nicely. They absolutely love each other and keep each other company. You never see one without the other. Thank you so much to everyone at the shelter. Especially Betsy. She really helped pair us with the right "babies". We couldn't be happier!! Keep doing the wonderful that you all do!! The animals in your care are very lucky!!"

  • 11/4/19: Bundt Cake
    11/4/19: Bundt Cake

    "We are so happy to have her in our family. She is just wonderful! Thank you RBARI for helping us find a wonderful pet for our family!"

  • 11/4/19: Buttons
    11/4/19: Buttons
  • 11/4/19: Caiden
    11/4/19: Caiden
  • 11/4/19: Cami & Mel (aka Riley & Jack)
    11/4/19: Cami & Mel (aka Riley & Jack)

    "Thank you so much for checking in! The kitties are doing great- it's like they were meant to a part of our family! They have come into our home so seamlessly and we absolutely adore them! We have renamed them- Cami is now known as Riley and Mel is now known as Jack. Jack runs up to snuggle with my 8 year when she goes to sleep- and I mean RUNS! Riley loves following my husband around and lets out the cutest "meow" when she wants someone to pick her up. They love sitting in our windows and watching the birds and squirrels, sitting with us while we are working from home, and their very favorite thing is playing with my daughters. Thank you for taking such good care of them while they were at RBARI!!!"

  • 11/4/19: Carter (aka Sax)
    11/4/19: Carter (aka Sax)

    "I adopted Sax on June 27. He is so much fun and we have bonded well! We are grateful to all the staff for their dedication!"

  • 11/4/19: Cecilia (aka Anastaia)
    11/4/19: Cecilia (aka Anastaia)

    "Cecilia (formerly known as Anastasia) is settling into her new home! With the two-week anniversary of her adoption coming up on Sunday, we wanted to share some pictures of her and let you know how she's been doing!"

  • 11/4/19: Cello
    11/4/19: Cello

    "Cello is doing well. He is a total comedian. He is coming along well. He jumps into windows. He eats well.

    We love him so much. These are recent pictures we took of him."

  • 11/4/19: Charles
    11/4/19: Charles

    "Charles is doing great! He has fit into the family so well."

  • 11/4/19: Charlie (aka Ella)
    11/4/19: Charlie (aka Ella)

    "Hi everyone!
    Charlie formally known as “Ella” is fitting in perfectly and settling in beautifully. She’s gorgeous and so much fun to have! She’s exactly what we needed. And she loves hanging with her buddy Peanut. Thank you all for everything and for making our adoption process so amazing! We love our newest family member so much... A true adoption success! 

     PS. Abby has been amazing with making sure we found the perfect fit for us. She’s an awesome human."

  • 11/4/19: Chase
    11/4/19: Chase

    "Chase, an elementary student reached out to all of his friends and family, and set up a table in front of Stop & Shop in Wyckoff New Jersey to collect many many donations for all our dogs and cats. Thank you so much Chase!"

  • 11/4/19: Chloe
    11/4/19: Chloe
  • 11/4/19: Chunk (aka Rain)
    11/4/19: Chunk (aka Rain)

    "She will know nothing but love all the days of her life...☔️

  • 11/4/19: Coco Chanel (aka Walnut)
    11/4/19: Coco Chanel (aka Walnut)

    "I adopted Coco from your shelter in January 2019. You new her as Walnut.  I chose to change her name to Coco Chanel because she struck me as a classy gal (with a coat coloration that can only be designer), and her cousin — my brother’s 5 year old Egyptian Mau— is named Hugo Boss.  Keepin’ it in the family.  

    Mid- January when she left your shelter (photo 1) she was trembling, tentatively mewing in her brand new carrier at 3.6 lbs.  she braved a first car ride home all the way to the Big Apple and braved the whole new world of my one-bedroom apartment from the safe nook under my bedroom bench trunk.  She stayed there almost a week, migrating only to the similarly safe space under my bed.  Once, she even crawled into my wardrobe — from the BACK — and found a cozy space among my clean towels during her first thunderstorm here.  Needless to say, she must have shed as much fur as she did fear that storm, because those towels were no longer white and fluffy when I finally found her three hours later after a panicked search.  

    Today, she has blossomed into a playful, elegant but still kitten-clumsy and curious creature. Just two days ago, I put a harness on her with a bungee leash and took her on a first foray into the hallway. She now weighs 7 lbs.  

    Thank you for the opportunity to bond with such a special cat. I love her!"

  • 11/4/19: Connor
    11/4/19: Connor
  • 11/4/19: Crepe & Toffee
    11/4/19: Crepe & Toffee

    "Thank you for reaching out to see how Crepe and Toffee are doing! They are both doing great! They are comfortable in their new home and have bonded with each other. We are so happy to have them in our home! Everyone at RBARI was so helpful to us through the adoption process! Thank you! Here are some pictures :)"

  • 11/4/19: Daiquiri
    11/4/19: Daiquiri

    "As a formerly feral cat, she's sweet, lays next to me while I work and gets along greatly with my dog!"

  • 11/4/19: Daisy (aka Betty White)
    11/4/19: Daisy (aka Betty White)

    "Trying to get the girls to stop moving is impossible. Tonight was a huge step. Daisy has now started playing tug of war with Dallas. Only took a couple days and she is coming out of her shell given the opportunity to be able to behave like a dog."

  • 11/4/19: Damien
    11/4/19: Damien
  • 11/4/19: Danny
    11/4/19: Danny

    "Danny in his new home (-:"

  • 11/4/19: Diamond (aka Bijou)
    11/4/19: Diamond (aka Bijou)

    Dropping in to send an update on how Bijou/Diamond is doing! I've been calling her Diamond since that's what she responds to.

    She's doing so well! I think she bonded to me very quickly, and I couldn't be happier having her as my #1 buddy. I think she's still a little overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle of the city, and will sometimes bark at loud noises when we're home, or at the door when people pass by. I just can't imagine how different this environment must be for her! All in all she is handling the change surprisingly well. When we are out for our walks she tries to say hi to every dog and human, and also tries to go into every doorway we pass. She also loves when I put her in a tote bag and bring her on an adventure on the subway!

    I've learned that she gets along with most pups- at least the ones we meet on the street! We've gone to the dog park a few times, and she does very well. She's still a little shy about playing and will sit beside me most of the time. I think she's much more interested in humans rather than other dogs. But once in a while she loves to run around with the big boys and chase a ball!

    Here are some photos! There are a couple from her birthday celebration. I made her a pupcake which she really enjoyed! And as you can see, she still loves her toys and has gone through so many already.

    Thanks so much to everyone at the shelter that helped bring me and Diamond together. I love how silly and cuddly she is! She makes me laugh everyday."

  • 11/4/19: Dobby (aka Charles)
    11/4/19: Dobby (aka Charles)
  • 11/4/19: Dumbledore (aka Mack)
    11/4/19: Dumbledore (aka Mack)

    "You may know that I changed Mack's name to Dumbledore. As you can see from the pictures he looks like a different dog after a good trim. He is a love, and he has settled in nicely. Everyone who meets him loves him. I tell everyone about RBARI."

  • 11/4/19: Dunkin
    11/4/19: Dunkin

    "I just wanted to write to tell you about my cat Dunkin who I adopted from your facility in 2001 or 2002. He was part of a group called the S kittens and he was the only one out of the group who had a deformity in which he couldn't poop very good. I had worked for a short time at rbari and discovered him that he needed a foster so I agreed to Foster him. No one was sure how he would do with his deformity but I had him for all these years and just had to put him to rest this morning. I wanted to tell you what a wonderful cat he was through all these years very good with my other cat's very kind and very nice. A beautiful little tabby I am grateful for you allowing me to adopt him. He wasn't a good candidate for adoption because of his malformed rear end he like the sphincter muscle so I had to help him poop on a daily basis all these years and he never once complained I'm attaching some pictures of him thank you for saving this litter of kittens so many years ago he was a big part of my life and a very good Kitty friend"

  • 11/4/19: Dylan (and his new brother Ripley)
    11/4/19: Dylan (and his new brother Ripley)
  • 11/4/19: Ebony
    11/4/19: Ebony

    "Hi. Here are a couple of pictures of Ebony. She is doing great - loves all
    the toys and open windows - and gets along fine with Bubba, who we adopted
    from Bergen County Animal Shelter in May."

  • 11/4/19: Ellie
    11/4/19: Ellie

    "Just wanted to forward these pictures of Ellie. She is doing great!!!! Just got back from the Groomer. Monday will be my 11th Birthday"

  • 11/4/19: Ellie
    11/4/19: Ellie

    "Ellie enjoying some time relaxing in her backyard with her little buddy Zucc."

  • 11/4/19: Elton
    11/4/19: Elton

    "Elton is doing well... he is loved and cared for. He turned out to be the opposite of what u guys told me lol he is a lap cat he greets me when I wake up and when I come home he is very playful and enjoys running around and he loves his toys! And his favorite thing to do is chew on my fingers:) we love him very much! The top 3 pics are from today... he greeted me as soon as I got home and the last pic was so funny we were playing and I decided to snap a pic and it came out as of he taking it... we are blessed to have him part of our family."

  • 11/4/19: Eva
    11/4/19: Eva

    "I just wanted to let you know Eva is doing really well with us. She is so sweet and cuddly and settled in really fast. Thank you so much, we couldn’t be happier."

  • 11/4/19: Faye
    11/4/19: Faye

    "Hi! Here are a couple of pictures of Faye, who I adopted at the end of December. She's an amazing cat--sweet, friendly and gentle. She only gets bossy when she wants to play :) Thank you for bringing her into my life. My son and I feel very lucky to have her!"

  • 11/4/19: Filomena & Opal (aka Eliana)
    11/4/19: Filomena & Opal (aka Eliana)

    "Here are a few pictures of Filomena and Opal adjusting in their new home! (Opal is the one with a little bit of white. We changed her name from Eliana to Opal)"

  • 11/4/19: Flash
    11/4/19: Flash

    "Hello! Flash joined our family on April 19, 2019. These photos show the kind of life our guy leads! Anyone who we show pictures to gasps at his cuteness! He's a good boy who is perfect for us! Love, the Towle family"

  • 11/4/19: Forrest Gump
    11/4/19: Forrest Gump
  • 11/4/19: Gamora & Nebula (Taffy & Truffle)
    11/4/19: Gamora & Nebula (Taffy & Truffle)

    "We wanted to give you an update of Gamora (Taffy) and Nebula (Truffle). We named them after the alien sisters from Guardians of the Galaxy because they are also sisters. Also being calicos and Nebula being a polydactyl they look a little alien

  • 11/4/19: Garbriel
    11/4/19: Garbriel

    "Hello RBARI!
    My husband Brian and I adopted Gabriel from you back in January.
    I just wanted to send along some update pictures since his adoption into our family. :) (They're attached!)
    I'd say he's settled in nicely! Most of the pictures are of just Gabriel or Gabe and my husband since I'm usually the one snapping photos on my phone. Feel free to share these if you'd like!
    Thank you again for trusting us with his adoption. He has truly enhanced our lives for the better, and I'm so grateful to have him in my life."

  • 11/4/19: Ghost (aka Saint)
    11/4/19: Ghost (aka Saint)
  • 11/4/19: Gigi
    11/4/19: Gigi

    Gigi is finally starting to make inroads in her transition. She objected strongly to the small bathroom, so she ended up in the master bedroom. She spent most of her time under the bed. We would lay down and play with her under the bed as best we could, and put food on the edge of the bed to encourage her to come out, but she was afraid of the ceiling fan, light - even the ceiling.
    Finally Tuesday night she started to pop out more, and she finally explored the closet, bathroom and jumped on some furniture (of course avoiding the cat tree and cat bed lol). She did take a while to pee, but once she did, it was like her world changed.

    She dumped her catnip fish toy in the water (how appropriate), “attacked” a cast iron Scottie dog door stopper, is able to use the litter box. She also has stopped up anal glands and has a very stinky rear end.

    We are waiting for her to get a bit more comfortable before we make introductions, but so far neither cat seems interested in the other by pawing the door or hissing.

    I can’t get a good picture as she is moving too fast!"

  • 11/4/19: Gracie (aka Dopey)
    11/4/19: Gracie (aka Dopey)

    "Dopey (aka Gracie) is doing great! We have a 15 year old female cat and we ended up recently adopting a 4 year old very sweet male cat shortly after Gracie that we came across when we were looking for a kitten! Anyway Gracie is doing amazing with both cats and us! She wants to play all of the time- she is incredibly sweet, she plays fetch.. Our 8 year old daughter is head over heels in love with her. Gracie is the sweetest cat and she's brought so much to our home already."

  • 11/4/19: Groot (aka Georgie)
    11/4/19: Groot (aka Georgie)

    "Some photo updates of Georgie (now known as Groot)"

  • 11/4/19: Grumpy & Doc
    11/4/19: Grumpy & Doc

    "They couldnt be any happier. They adjusted really well and are the two cuddliest kitties I've ever met."

  • 11/4/19: Harvey (& Egypt)
    11/4/19: Harvey (& Egypt)

    "He’s been such a great dog and every week he settles in more and gets a little more goofier! His new habit is to come up to me and tap me with his paw when he wants to be pet. He gets so excited when we get up in the morning that he starts jumping on his bed and bellowing with joy. He is a kiss giving bandit and will run up, lick your cheek, and then rub back to his bed, tail wagging the entire time. 

    His most favorite place is the backyard and he and Emmy run loops together until they both lay down. He loves belly rubs in the sun on nice days out and when its a little warmer he likes to sit on the cool rocks underneath a tree in the shade. He also loves walks with Emmy and the two constantly rub against each other to make sure they’re together."

  • 11/4/19: Hercules
    11/4/19: Hercules

    "To the adoption staff, After I lost the last of my very elderly RBARI cats last fall, the house felt very empty. I knew I wanted to adopt another cat, and I wanted it to be a senior, since I am a senior myself. Along came Hercules, who had lost his home of nearly 12 years. He ran to greet me in the cattery and I knew instantly that he was the one.

    Hercules fills the house with his funny, quirky personality and high energy. He settled in happily from the first day he came home—and took over. I once had the nerve to put a baby gate in the doorway of a room to keep him out, but Hercules leapt over it effortlessly, making clear that this was now HIS house in its entirety and nothing less would be tolerated.

    Hercules loves his two scratch lounges, his large assortment of toys, belly rubs and curling up in a patch of sunshine. He is friendly to every person he meets but has made it clear that he wants to be the only cat in the house. That is fine with me. He puts a smile on my face every day.

    Vivian Scharbach, RBARI volunteer"

  • 11/4/19: Icicle
    11/4/19: Icicle

    "She's a sweetie. So happy she's with us. It's like she was waiting for us. We decided to name her Marie Antoinette like the princess she is."

  • 11/4/19: Indigo (aka Jackson)
    11/4/19: Indigo (aka Jackson)

    “Here is a little update on the newest member of our family. In January we began to foster a sweet senior kitty, named Jackson. We very quickly realized we wouldn’t be able to part with him and we made him an official part of the family, complete with a new name, Indigo. He also happily goes by Indie, Mr Handsome and Boo Boo Bear . 

    He has kidney disease as well as IBD, so we have taken him to get a routine established at our vet and to make sure we are managing his issues and keeping him as comfortable and happy as possible for as long as we can. Along with his prescription diet, he takes probiotics and gets daily subcutaneous fluids and is thriving. We had his bloodwork retested and his numbers are phenomenal. 

    We slowly introduced him to our two dogs to make sure everyone was comfortable with each other and they are all doing well. We have a senior basset hound and a staffy mix and all three of our boys love each other and we often catch them snuggling on the bed. I have attached a few pictures.

    Thanks so much for helping us meet our new fur baby. He will be loved and spoiled for the rest of his life. He completed our little family and has brought us so much joy. I previously worked in an animal shelter and I expected there to be a few bumps along the way as there often is when introducing a new pet to the family. However, his addition has been seamless. We couldn’t have asked for more.

    Thank you!”

  • 11/4/19: Jace & Jayden
    11/4/19: Jace & Jayden
  • 11/4/19: Jane
    11/4/19: Jane
  • 11/4/19: Jayden
    11/4/19: Jayden
  • 11/4/19: Jerry
    11/4/19: Jerry

    "One happy cat! Thanks for all the help. We love him!"

  • 11/4/19: Joya (aka Lara)
    11/4/19: Joya (aka Lara)

    "What an Angel I was blessed with ! She is perfect! Adjusting well & bonding with her new mommy - thank you from the bottom of my heart - I don’t know how I got so lucky to be blessed with this angel puppy! Thank you to the wonderful loving, caring, friendly staff at rbari! I will highly recommend this shelter and can’t thank the entire staff and the puppy for rescuing me!"

  • 11/4/19: Junior
    11/4/19: Junior

    "Junior is doing great. He is now “Smitty” over here and has stolen our hearts and ever snuggle spot he can find. He is absolutely the sweetest little cuddle bug we have ever had the pleasure to bring home. The vet is super impressed with his sweetness and health and his coat has made a miraculous and stripy turn for softness! As you would have guessed, most of my photo roll is dedicated to his royal highness!"

  • 11/4/19: Kiwi (aka Tiny)
    11/4/19: Kiwi (aka Tiny)

    "I’m clearly super spoiled at my old age! My moms love me so much! Thank you for letting them adopt me!"

  • 11/4/19: Kodak & Cayden
    11/4/19: Kodak & Cayden

    "I remember fostering Kodak (black) and his sisters as little kittens and having him be the first to climb up the cat tree and the first to run out of the room to explore the rest of the house. One night, I walked into the room to find Kodak's three sisters laying on top of him huddled together in the corner. When I picked him up, he cried and couldn't stand up. I took his temperature and it was through the roof so I rushed him to the hospital. After holding him on my lap in between the doctors bringing him into the back to do more tests, it was about 4 o'clock in the morning. I had to leave Kodak over night because the vet felt he wasn't stable enough to go home. From that second, I knew I had to adopt him and give him the life he deserves. Almost 3 years later, Kodak is fully grown, healthy, active and the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love him more than I have ever loved anything and I am so grateful RBARI brought him into my life.

    Kodak would periodically look out my sliding glass door to frantically look for something. He would meow like crazy and run throughout the house. One night I decided to look out the window to see what all the fuss was about and it turned out to be Cayden (orange)! Cayden was starving and would eat every single last bite of food I would leave out for her. I set a trap in front of my house and after two attempts to catch her, I was finally able to! When I first got her to the shelter, she was extremely stressed out, panicked, aggressive and desperately trying to get out of the room. When we got her to the hospital, the doctor told me that she was pregnant and ready to give birth any day now. Shortly after, Cayden gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens but sadly, 3 died almost immediately after birth and 1 passed about a month after being adopted. Thankfully, the one who survived is living in a great home and I get to see him periodically to clip his nails! Once Cayden was spayed, I decided to foster her regardless of her behavior. After nearly 6 months, Cayden allowed me to pet her and soon petting become her sitting on my lap and I have officially adopted her! She and Kodak are bonded and love to play and cuddle each other. It's been about a year since I've had Cayden and she still needs some more work but I wouldn't change anything for the world!"

  • 11/4/19: Leo (aka Plagg)
    11/4/19: Leo (aka Plagg)

    "We adopted “Plagg” a few weeks ago, he is now “Leo” and very loved by our family!! He is a very happy kitty! He is actually meeting our vet for a “meet and greet” tomorrow. He is very healthy and settled in perfectly to our home in Cape Cod! Here are a few pictures

  • 11/4/19: Liberace (aka Jay)
    11/4/19: Liberace (aka Jay)

    "Thanks again for all the good work you do and thank you for my baby :)"

  • 11/4/19: Lily/Sage | Brandy/Nutmeg | Abby/Rosemary
    11/4/19: Lily/Sage | Brandy/Nutmeg | Abby/Rosemary

    "Here are the pictures of the kittens I showed you at the Kit Tea on Sat. Lily/Sage  Brandy/Nutmeg. And Abby/Rosemary."

  • 11/4/19: Lola
    11/4/19: Lola

    "Enjoying the life of leisure at the NJ shore..."

  • 11/4/19: Lola the Pug
    11/4/19: Lola the Pug
  • 11/4/19: Mack (aka Braxton)
    11/4/19: Mack (aka Braxton)

    "Braxton aka Mack tuckered out with new best fried Rosie (also from the same rescue raid)"

  • 11/4/19: Mack (aka Braxton)
    11/4/19: Mack (aka Braxton)
  • 11/4/19: Madison
    11/4/19: Madison

    "Madison keeps growing more comfortable and more affectionate. She continues to sleep on the bed with us nearly every night, often settling in between us or snuggling up against our legs and making it diffcult for us to turn over. Occasionally, she will climb right on top one of us during the wee hours in order to get herself some lovin's, purring the entire time. Maddy will likely never be a full-on lap cat -- and she may be quite the bed hog -- but we wouldn't have it any other way. Maddy is still reserved at times and rarely lets us see her play or eat, but we know she she's simply letting us into her world at her own pace. She's beyond sweet and we know she's happy in her fur-ever home. We are grateful to have her as part of our family."

  • 11/4/19: Mango (aka Raphael)
    11/4/19: Mango (aka Raphael)

    "Hi! Here are a few pics of Mango. Thank you so much for putting this beautiful soul into my life. I am in love. I am so surprised that a stray kitty shows so much trust and love in me. Mango's personality matches mine and I cannot believe how perfect that is. He has been such an amazing light in my life. I am so proud of him and how he has adapted to life with me. Mango even lets me trim his nails!!!!! I find that shows me how much trust he has in me. He sleeps on my lap and gives kisses. Mango is the first cat I have had as a family member and I am so happy to have made the decision to adopt him. Thank you for all that your rescue does! I would have sent more pics but gmail has a limit!!"

  • 11/4/19: Maurice & Gaston
    11/4/19: Maurice & Gaston

    "Wanted to update you on Maurice & Gaston. We adopted them back in November and they are doing really well! They absolutely love each other!! We catch them snuggling, sleeping and cleaning each other all the time. Both are love bugs and snuggle with us every chance they get. Maurice (light gray) is a professional biscuit maker! They even want to snuggle with their doggie brother and sister. Sharing a few pics of these loving boys. So glad we adopted them!"

  • 11/4/19: Max (aka Douglas)
    11/4/19: Max (aka Douglas)

    "I wanted to follow up and thank you for bringing our family joy with our newest member Max!

    His first night was quiet as he was getting adjusted to his new home, however this morning he came out to have a big breakfast some extra love and a good brush ! We couldn’t be happier that Max is in our home forever.

    Thank you again"

  • 11/4/19: Meshu
    11/4/19: Meshu

    "Meshu is one happy dog. He’s full of energy and is constantly on the move. It’s like having a toddler again. He’s very inquisitive and very smart - sometimes too smart. He enjoys exploring our property and has come face to face with more than one deer.He loves belly rubs and rough housing with my husband (who’s a UPS man - so Meshu hit the doggie lottery) - but his number one obsession is squeaky toys. We can’t get enough.We took him to a groomer, and his long licks were trimmed to a short teddy bear cut which he seems to prefer.I can’t figure out how to attach photos to a reply so I’ll send them separately. But Meshu is exactly what our family needed after losing our beloved Shaggy last year."

  • 11/4/19: Mia (aka Annie)
    11/4/19: Mia (aka Annie)

    "Annie's new name is Mia she’s doing great We couldn’t love her any more. So is a very happy baby and she’s growing."

  • 11/4/19: Mia (aka Georgiana)
    11/4/19: Mia (aka Georgiana)

    "I just wanted to extend a huge thank you for offering us the opportunity to
    have this little fur baby, now Mia, join our family.

    My husband (Ivan Kvesic) and I (Leeann Cameron) adopted Mia on 10/12/19.

    She has brought so much happiness and joy into our lives, and is so
    incredibly sweet, affectionate, loving, and cuddly.

    I shared some photos to this e-mail to show how well she has adjusted and to
    illustrate her personality at her new home."

  • 11/4/19: Mia & Dexter
    11/4/19: Mia & Dexter
  • 11/4/19: Mickey
    11/4/19: Mickey

    "Mickey and I are getting to know each other. He is such a sweet little boy. Loves to cuddle and loves playing with squeaky toys. He also loves going for walks in the evening and meeting all of the neighbors."

  • 11/4/19: Minx (aka Casey)
    11/4/19: Minx (aka Casey)

    "This is Casey, aka Minx
    I adopted her June 19, 2019. The instant I had her in my hands she started purring. I knew she was the one immediately. My last cat I adopted from Rbari, and she lived to be 18 years old. So I knew that I would go again to adopt. I love my new kitten she is a very good girl well behaved but just a little....
    Minx lol
    Thank you again!

  • 11/4/19: Miracle & Cali (aka Glinda)
    11/4/19: Miracle & Cali (aka Glinda)

    "Miracle (age 14) is doing fabulous & has become Cali’s bff! Cali (formerly Glinda) is a RBARI rescue too.
    All 3 of my loves get along wonderfully & I cannot thank you all at RBARI for bringing these babies into my life! The work you do is amazing. Had to share some pics so you can see these beautiful babies!"

  • 11/4/19: Mistletoe (Hayleigh) & Jessa (Francesca)
    11/4/19: Mistletoe (Hayleigh) & Jessa (Francesca)

    "I know Jessa (now Francesca) was adopted 3 years ago – but I like to say that she is 4 years old going on 14 months. She still loves to play, gets along with everyone, and is by far the smartest cat I have ever had live with me. She is also the cat who makes me laugh the most with her antics. Whatever shyness she may have shown at RBARI, she got over very quickly in my house – she greets my visitors with her tail waving and, if you sit on my couch, you have Francesca in your lap.

    Mistletoe (now Hayleigh) has really come out of her shell – I doubt that she will ever be the greeter of strangers that Francesca is, but she certainly comes out for me. Her first week was pretty much spent in my bathroom, her next two weeks between the bathroom and the closet in the attached bedroom (although I suspect she also discovered the covered heating pad I have in the shelf for another of my older cats, because I could see her fur on the cover!). She then started to walk down the hall to my kitchen if she heard me there as if to say, “hey, I’m hungry, can I have some food?” Then, in this past week, she will come to me when I am in the bedroom or in the bathroom asking for pettings and rewarding me with gentle little purrs. She seems to be able to get along with everyone (although I think Elvis (2008) and Spam (2009) are still trying to figure out who is this new cat in the house). She also loves catnip toys and sleeping on that rocking chair. Sadly, though, she still is camera (and phone camera) shy, unlike my big actress Francesca!"

  • 11/4/19: Molly (aka Sassy)
    11/4/19: Molly (aka Sassy)

    "Here's a photo of my pup, formerly known as "Sassy."

    It took me several weeks to finally settle on a new name, but I finally did! Meet "Molly", my little Maltipoo. As you can see, she has made herself quite comfortable in her new home. She loves to cuddle, play fetch, and being outdoors. She's a fast runner and chases anything that moves, including butterflies! She's a sweetie at home, but still struggles with consistent good behavior when meeting new people. That's why we're still working on additional socialization and training. Molly's a good girl and I love her so! ❤"

  • 11/4/19: Nina
    11/4/19: Nina

    "Life has definitely been an adventure since Nina has joined us, but we wouldn't have it any otter way! She loves to play, and loves napping with her sister Kitty!"

  • 11/4/19: Norton
    11/4/19: Norton
  • 11/4/19: Nova & Elon (aka John & Yoko)
    11/4/19: Nova & Elon (aka John & Yoko)

    "Nova and Elon are doing great. They are happy, playful, and affectionate kittens. I couldn't ask for better pets and they mean everything to me!"

  • 11/4/19: Nuckles (aka Knucklehead)
    11/4/19: Nuckles (aka Knucklehead)

    "Hello RBAR!!! I just wanted to let y’all know how Nuckles(formerly known as Knucklehead) was doing. Nuckles has been a great addition!!! He has helped my 2-2 year olds find their kitty voices. We might be able to start a choir. Lol. He loves playing with his toys, his new brother and sister absolutely adore him and he loves spying on the birds outside and the neighbors. Lol. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for introducing me to this AWESOME cat. He really is a purrfect fit!! ❤️❤️❤️"

  • 11/4/19: Nugget (aka Paul)
    11/4/19: Nugget (aka Paul)

    "We adopted “paul” he was one of the lab beagles from December 2017. His new name is nugget, he’s doing great and enjoying the retired life!"

  • 11/4/19: Odin (aka Colton)
    11/4/19: Odin (aka Colton)

    "I have so much love for this kitten! He’s been amazing and adjusted to his new home very well!"

  • 11/4/19: Oola (aka Muffy)
    11/4/19: Oola (aka Muffy)

    "Hi everyone! I just want to thank you all again for being so sweet and helping us find Muffy. We are so very much in love with her. A little update .. Muffy is now called Oola (short for ooh la la! )"

  • 11/4/19: Oola (aka Muffy)
    11/4/19: Oola (aka Muffy)
  • 11/4/19: Othello (aka Bear)
    11/4/19: Othello (aka Bear)
  • 11/4/19: Ozzie (aka Quasimodo)
    11/4/19: Ozzie (aka Quasimodo)

    "I just want to give you another update on Quasi, (I call him Ozzie). He is doing well. And I couldn't be more happier. You know he is a goof ball, and a love bug and I couldn't be more happier because that describes me too. I heard that he loves car rides but had no idea how much he loves car rides. Unknowingly, I said want to go for a ride in the car and picked up my purse and keys and he went bonkers. He was so happy and excited. I do have to remind myself next time to unlock the car from inside the house, leave my purse in the house and tell him we are taking walk. THEN, I will put him in the car. I am grateful for everything that your facility did for Quasi aka Ozzie. I just felt the love coming from everyone there not just for Ozzie, but you care about all the rescues at your place. Some places would have just given up on the boy. He is a handful, no doubt but he is definitely worth it.

    Now, as far as pictures go......I am sure I will be able to send other ones soon but right now he is attached to me like glue and to get a good picture of him is hard...….but I will send you a few that I have......I think that all of them are going to be of him sleeping on my chest.....

    But again, thank you for all that you guys do......Ozzie's face came into my life after losing my sweet boy Reuben and I couldn't be happier. Thank you. Everything is going well. He’s a charmer."

  • 11/4/19: Peanut
    11/4/19: Peanut
  • 11/4/19: Peter
    11/4/19: Peter

    "I Think Peter Found His "Forever Home"...….Thanks For Everything!!"

  • 11/4/19: Petunia
    11/4/19: Petunia

    "Petunia is doing very well. She gets to go to work with her every day and is such a love!"

  • 11/4/19: Piper (aka Carly)
    11/4/19: Piper (aka Carly)

    "Hi, Just want you to know that Piper (formally known as Carly) is settling in nicely. She loves her brothers Digby and Charlie. She's eating well and it feels like she's putting on weight. She does most of her business outside. She likes to drink a lot of water so I take her out about every three hours and we don't have a problem. I haven't had to use the cage. She's bonded with me, my daughter and one of my son's and is extremely affectionate. She is also very responsive and wants to please. The other son scares her for some reason and she barks at him. He is trying to win her over with treats and gentle treatment. She has shown no sign of wanting to run but we are careful about keeping her on a leash at all times. We have a safety gate at the front door and have made sure the back yard is secure.

    I think having the three meetings helped a lot. The dogs, the humans and Piper were familiar with each other before we brought her home. My daughter and I are delighted at how fast she has bonded with us."

  • 11/4/19: Popcorn
    11/4/19: Popcorn
  • 11/4/19: Preston
    11/4/19: Preston

    "I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a dog about 15 years ago... I went in there and saw a spunky little puppy named “Preston” and I thought “that name suits him!”... he was an opinionated border collie and everyone loved him!

    Preston crossed the rainbow bridge the other day.... and I’m still heartbroken over this. I just wanted to pass along a thank you for letting me adopt the best dog ever (in my book). He was my baby boy. I’m still lost without him, but once time heals the wounds, I’ll adopt again."

  • 11/4/19: Prinn & Sydney
    11/4/19: Prinn & Sydney
  • 11/4/19: Reggie (aka Roland)
    11/4/19: Reggie (aka Roland)

    "We adopted this sweet guy 6 weeks ago from the hoarding group of dogs. He
    has settled in ver well...loves to eat, play, walk and cuddle. He spent the
    first 8 years of his life in a crate. You would never know it!!! Reggie
    plays with his new brother ( a 12 yr old lab mix) and Dinah ( a whippet/pit
    mix we adopted from RBARI 18 months ago). He is an absolute LOVE!!!!"

  • 11/4/19: Rex (aka Reggie)
    11/4/19: Rex (aka Reggie)

    "Rex is such an awesome boy! In the few months since we adopted him he has
    come so far! He loves to play fetch and he loves camping. We are so happy to
    have him part of our family. I will send a few more pics. Thank you so much."

  • 11/4/19: Roaar
    11/4/19: Roaar
  • 11/4/19: Rumi (aka Cambrey)
    11/4/19: Rumi (aka Cambrey)

    "Wanted to send an email and some photos of Cambrey, now known as Rumi

  • 11/4/19: Rusty (aka Dublin)
    11/4/19: Rusty (aka Dublin)

    "A few pictures of Dublin now known as Rusty He is doing very well. Very
    spunky but then again he is only one year old."

  • 11/4/19: Samantha
    11/4/19: Samantha

    "My boyfriend and I adopted Samantha a little over a year ago now. We were looking for a special addition to our home, and Sammy is just that! When we first got her, she was very timid and sometimes a bit aggressive. After much love, and (an attempt at) training, she is almost a completely different cat, and we love her even more. For the whole first couple of weeks that we had her, she was terrified of the ceiling fan, and now she's not afraid of a single thing! We know that Samantha was meant to be our cat and we are so happy that we were able to find her at your facility."

  • 11/4/19: Sammy
    11/4/19: Sammy
  • 11/4/19: Sandy (aka Deena)
    11/4/19: Sandy (aka Deena)

    "Spa Day! Sandy settling in so nice. It’s like she has lived here forever!"

  • 11/4/19: Sarge
    11/4/19: Sarge
  • 11/4/19: Sassy
    11/4/19: Sassy
  • 11/4/19: Scott
    11/4/19: Scott

    Scott did a donation drive for us at his school. This is a true RBARI Hero here!

  • 11/4/19: Shadow (aka Flint)
    11/4/19: Shadow (aka Flint)

    "Attached is a recent photo of flint (now named shadow) and his big brother ringo! He is happy, healthy, and is the cutest rambunctious guy around!"

  • 11/4/19: Shakespeare
    11/4/19: Shakespeare

    "He's doing very well. He thinks he owns the house now, and we've learned that he loves hiking despite his tiny legs."

  • 11/4/19: Shakira
    11/4/19: Shakira
  • 11/4/19: Simba
    11/4/19: Simba
  • 11/4/19: Skye & Buddy (aka Tigger)
    11/4/19: Skye & Buddy (aka Tigger)

    "Thank you for the call day checking in on Skye and Buddy. They are very happy here and we are more than happy to have them as part of our family. They are super comfortable as you can see by some of the pictures I have attached. Hope you enjoy seeing how big and cute they are! Thank you again, adopting them was a great experience at RBARI

  • 11/4/19: Skye & Tigger
    11/4/19: Skye & Tigger

    "Thank you again to all the staff at RBARI!! You have all been wonderful!!! Skye and Buddy are very happy and so are we."

  • 11/4/19: Smiley
    11/4/19: Smiley
  • 11/4/19: Slade
    11/4/19: Slade
  • 11/4/19: Sochi
    11/4/19: Sochi
  • 11/4/19: Sophie (aka Dailey)
    11/4/19: Sophie (aka Dailey)

    "Sophie (previously Dailey) is loving her new home! She loves taking a nap with people and playing with her new toys!

    We are very grateful to have her in our family."

  • 11/4/19: Squirt (aka Jedi)
    11/4/19: Squirt (aka Jedi)

    "We just love him to the moon and back."

  • 11/4/19: Stella (aka Nevada)
    11/4/19: Stella (aka Nevada)
  • 11/4/19: Stella (aka Starla)
    11/4/19: Stella (aka Starla)

    "Stella went to cheer on the Marathon runners today. Thanks again for all your help, she's doing very well, walking on the leash a little better, has learned "sit" and "give me 5," sort of "come here" and sort of "drop it.""

  • 11/4/19: Storm
    11/4/19: Storm

    "Storm is home now. And has met his new Grandma. He's been wandering the house and yard, seems to be adjusting well. Thank you again for everything,"

  • 11/4/19: Storm
    11/4/19: Storm

    "He's been going on short walks every morning, he stands at the door waiting when it gets to the time we normally leave. He walks a lot faster then I expected, he actually trots. He is getting better on the leash, but does like to pull at times. Most of the pulling comes from curiosity of his new surroundings, so it's easily corrected. He gets so excited to go, he pushes open the screen door and pulls me out the door, still working on that problem, but it's nice to see his excitement too.

    No more muzzle for the eye drops. He will rest his head in my lap and let me do it. He's also been real good when it comes to meeting people now. He's really adjusted quickly and has made my house his home."

  • 11/4/19: Susie & Nena
    11/4/19: Susie & Nena

    "HI, I just wanted to give you an update on Susie and Nena.

    The Girls are doing great, they love their walks in the park and the fenced in back yard. They even like going to the groomers. Susie has a fear of thunder but she's getting better with it. The girls greet us at the door every time we come home and Susie makes sure she brings us a toy. just wanted to say thank you."

  • 11/4/19: Taz (aka Finnegan)
    11/4/19: Taz (aka Finnegan)

    "So, I had sent some pictures and was asked to send it here instead! I’d be more than happy to send some pictures and updates! Feel free to post anything wherever you’d like!

    On April 12, 2016 I rescued my best buddy Taz, who at the time was named Finnegan. We were instantly attached at the hip, it was a match made in heaven! I think he would agree, especially considering the first night we spent together he decided halfway through snuggling that he would stand up and pee on me; I guess he wanted to mark his territory and say “this guy? He’s mine now!”

    We would go EVERYWHERE together; for the first 2 years we didn’t spend more than 8 hours apart. Even a short trip to CVS, Tazzy came for the ride! Taz has gone on road trips to Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, DC & Maryland; he’s certainly living the life! There’s not a ball or toy he can’t destroy and he takes pride in his destruction.

    Honestly, who really saved who? Tazzy turned four this month and I can’t imagine a life without him!"

  • 11/4/19: Tink
    11/4/19: Tink
  • 11/4/19: Tiny (aka Momo)
    11/4/19: Tiny (aka Momo)
  • 11/4/19: Tiny
    11/4/19: Tiny

    “My first time hanging out in the park with my moms and my big brother! I’ve been doing so well, taking long naps,following everyone around and eating my dry food! Thank you so much for having my new family adopt me...OH I’ve been renamed “Kiwi” and I love it I’m feeling like a total pup now”

  • 11/4/19: Toby
    11/4/19: Toby
  • 11/4/19: Toto
    11/4/19: Toto
  • 11/4/19: Trent
    11/4/19: Trent

    "We would like to show you that Trent has gotten his
    summer haircut. He is doing just fine. We are so glad that he is a part of
    our family. He is a happy dog, & we luv him so much!

    We would like to show you that Trent has gotten his summer haircut. He is
    doing just fine. We are so glad that he is a part of our family. He is a
    happy dog, & we luv him so much!"

  • 11/4/19: Tucker (aka Gus)
    11/4/19: Tucker (aka Gus)

    Tucker Stine-
    Adopted from RBARI April 22, 2016
    Tuckers Family includes:
    Cooper-brother was 13 when Tucker was adopted -Cooper had wanted a dog forever.
    Debbie-Mom-Debbie had grown up with large dogs-Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes. She also had a rescue dog named Cody for 8 years as an adult. Cody was a white Samoyed/ German Shepard mix and was the most wonderful dog she had ever known. Debbie couldn’t imagine ever finding another dog like Cody. Tucker has surpassed any doubt that Cody would ever be replaced.
    Gary-Dad-Gary never had pet’s growing up and had been bitten by a large dog 2 times in his life. He was always against getting a family dog due to his fear. Mom researched rescues and found Rbari right in our new backyard of Wyckoff. Gary reluctantly went along one Saturday to RBARI and as soon as he saw Tucker his mind was changed that immediately. Gary and Tucker have a bound and love like no other.
    Tucker was thought to be a dog that would be unable to place. Many at Rbari thought he was aggressive and didn’t think he could be around children or other dogs. This could not have been further from the truth. Tucker just had anxiety from being alone, on the street and then in a noisy kennel. All Tucker needed was a little love. Instead he got a lot of love and his forever home with our family.
    Tucker came into our home in the spring and within a few weeks was totally settled in. He loved his crate and never had an accident in the house. He made many dog friends in the neighborhood and hosts playdates all the time. Chloe, a beautiful chow, is his lady friend and Max, a big yellow lab, who happens to be deaf is his best bud.
    Tucker is a friendly loving dog who loves to meet new people and dogs alike. He walks on his leash, sits, lies down and is a very obedient dog. His worst trait is he likes to be right next to me when I cook and I sometimes trip over him!
    Tucker loved his crate but after a few months we gave him run of the house and he is the king of the couch! For a water dog, he has no interest in swimming, even if his best buddy Max does! He is very talkative especially when we are talking-he just wants to be part of the conversation and the meal.
    For anyone who thinks a RBARI dog can’t be a good family pet-you are so wrong. With a little love and some patience any dog can be part of your family. This week we have had Tucker for 3 years! We can’t imagine our family without him.

  • 11/4/19: Vida (aka Teddy Bear)
    11/4/19: Vida (aka Teddy Bear)

    Vida is doing very well in her new home, they love her very much!

  • 11/4/19: Vixey
    11/4/19: Vixey

    "Here are some random shots of Vixey and her most recent adventures. She is fitting in with her three kitty companions and her human mom and dad just great! She’s also met kids of all ages and our senior relatives too (see photos). Everyone loves her!! I will take some time to write a full ‘happy tale’ story soon, and also one for our Kashi (Tabby pictured) who is also a former RBARI rescue! They hang out together a lot (somehow we haven’t taken photos lol) and we call them our special RBARI babies."

  • 11/4/19: Warren
    11/4/19: Warren

    "Warren is loving his forever home and we are thrilled to have him! He is pictured here with his new ‘brother’ Leo. They became fast friends and love playing together as well as napping together. ❤️ Warren is the beautiful cat on the right in each picture. The other cutie is Leo- also a rescue cat."

  • 11/4/19: Whitney
    11/4/19: Whitney

    "My furry child doing great! Happiest/most gentle/playful girl ever. Thank you (and RBARI) for taking such good care of her until her adoption."

  • 11/4/19: Winston (aka Nicki)
    11/4/19: Winston (aka Nicki)

    "Hi my names Nicole and almost 4 years ago we rescued a Yorkie from you guys who you called “Nicki” but we now call Winston!

    Our family didn't know we needed a rescue puppy until we met Winston. Winston was truly an angel sent from above and given to us in the perfect time of our life. Although we rescued him, we feel like he rescued us. We cannot imagine our life without him. He brings smiles to the faces of everyone he meets, loves to give kisses and receive belly rubs, and has the cutest little “oink" noises in the morning and after coming in from the rain. We are so very grateful for all the staff at RBARI and for our amazing dog."

  • 11/4/19: Zara
    11/4/19: Zara

    "I just wanted to share Zara's journey home today. She quietly sat on Mike's lap as the boys were barking and howling in the back. We introduced her to Booboo and everyone went in the yard at home. She quickly started to play and wasted no time running around the back yard with her new brothers. They've all adapted to each other very well. As you can see in the pic, she wasted no time in finding a comfy bed next to Booboo's along with a toy bone she found. We love her so much already

  • 11/4/19: Zarah
    11/4/19: Zarah

    "Thank you! Zarah is doing great and terrorizing the other kitties in the house but we love her! And she looks so innocent."

  • 11/4/19: Zoey
    11/4/19: Zoey

    "She got here less than 2 hours ago. I think she’s adjusting pretty well don’t you?!"

  • 11/4/19: Zoey
    11/4/19: Zoey

    "Here are a few pics of Zoey :) She is such a sweetheart, I love her beyond-thank you for choosing me for this baby girl!"

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