Save Annabelle!

Annabelle was found as a stray on Monday, tiny and emaciated with a huge growth

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Saving Annabelle

Annabelle was found as a tiny, emaciated stray pup with a huge growth on her backside.  Our staff immediately dropped everything and picked her up, rushing her to Oradell Animal Hospital.  Despite Annabelle’s difficult, painful life, she was as sweet as can be – a quiet little girl who had endured so much in her short life. 

Annabelle is a younger female Chihuahua with some type of prolapse. She survived days out in the cold weather, sick with no food or water – and she found her way into our arms.  In the few short hours that we held Annabelle while waiting for the doctors to diagnose her, we gave her as much love as we could, knowing that she may not make it out of the hospital.  Annabelle gazed up at us, confused but adoring the kind touch and attention.
Doctors said the prognosis for Annabelle was very guarded, and they could make her stable while we wait for a surgical consult in the morning.  What did we want to do? 

It only took a moment to decide.  Annabelle wasn’t a dog with a lifetime of love behind her.  She is a dog that still needs to learn what it’s like to have a warm, safe home and all the love in the world.  Annabelle received a blood transfusion, intravenous fluids and medication to keep her comfortable as we wait for her surgical consult this morning. 

We have seen Annabelle fight to live, and we have seen Annabelle love against the odds.  This tiny little girl deserves a chance.  Please donate today to help save Annabelle. 

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Update #1: 3/7/17 1:22PM

Amazing news!  The surgeon at Oradell Animal Hospital believes that she can help Annabelle!  They are giving her another blood transfusion to keep her stable and prepare for surgery.  Annabelle needs your thoughts, prayers and support today!  With extensive surgery and two blood transfusions, her medical expenses are extensive, but we know that with our RBARI family behind Annabelle, she has hope!  

Update #2 - 3/8/17 4:45PM

We have some incredible news to share! Our precious little Annabelle has made it through surgery and is resting comfortably.

We are so excited and grateful- and we just couldn't wait to share this news with you. We will continue to update you as often as we can. Although Annabelle will need to remain hospitalized to be kept stable , and has a long recovery ahead of her ...this is the first step on her road to recovery. ❤

Please continue to share, send good wishes, and keep this beautiful girl in your hearts. As always, thank you for caring. We are so grateful for the continued support of our wonderful community. ❤

Update #3 - 3/9/17 7:31PM

We were so happy to visit our precious little girl today! Annabelle is not out of the woods just yet, but is eating on her own, and looking brighter already ❤

The Dr reports that while our sweet girl is still very swollen, and her healing will take some time ..the prolapse has come down a bit, and more good news is that all of the tissue involved is healthy. ...just the news we were hoping for!

Annabelle will still need to be under the loving care of the talented vets and staff of Oradell Animal Hospital for the time being , but does have a foster home ready and waiting for when she's released.

We thank everyone for the love, the donations, and the shares...please continue to do so- and please keep this very resilient and special girl in your hearts as she continues on her road to recovery.

As always - Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. We simply couldn't do this very important work without you ...our wonderful, caring community. ❤