Help us save Bella!

Emergency rescue! 

Bella, an adorable 11 year old Chihuahua, had her bowels herniated into her thigh and needs immediate life saving surgery and as much help as she can get!

Bella, a tiny dog whose bowels have herniated into her thigh, needs immediate life saving surgery.

We don’t know how long Bella suffered, but based on photographs, she had been living with an extremely large hernia and discomfort for a long time. By the time we heard about Bella’s case, her bowels had herniated into her thigh. Her owner loved her, but she just couldn’t provide Bella with the medical care that she needed, and she didn’t realize the pain that this tiny girl was living with.

Bella, a petite 11 year old Chihuahua, was brought to the hospital in the middle of the night by her owner when her case became critical. They knew that if they waited any longer to get her care, her hernia would likely rupture, and she would pass away. RBARI staff worked into the night to make this rescue possible. Thankfully, our friends at Oradell Animal Hospital provide 24 hour care and we were able to see Bella immediately. While we recognize that specialized medical care can be costly, it is just this type of medical care that helps us to save lives like Bella’s, and with you by our sides, we are able to save so many lives together. Waiting until the next day was not a possibility for Bella who needed to be immediately medically stabilized and prepared for surgery.

Bella’s hernia is so involved that her spleen likely will also need to be removed in order to close up the incision. She was not spayed, so this must be done during this complex life-saving surgery. As Bella enters her surgery, we ask for your help. You can help us to save Bella and so many others like her suffering silently. You can help us to give Bella a brighter tomorrow. You can help Bella to not carry this enormous burden any longer. Please make a donation to Bella and our Betty Lou Fund off to the right or right here!

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