Save Louie!

Louie is a sweet little 3-month-old Siamese kitten with a soft meow.

We have raised $2,010.00 of our goal.

Louie waited for months for rescue.  While he is gorgeous and sweet as can be, it was impossible to find a rescue willing to take a kitten that is incapable of defecating on his own. 


Louie is just perfect to us. He loves to play and be held, bounces around happily like a normal kitten and kneads, purrs and licks.  After initial evaluation, Louie was placed in a wonderful foster home with the medical experience to meet his needs.  Louie’s favorite place is on his foster mom’s shoulder.  But, Louie is often not feeling well.  He gets impacted with feces and is uncomfortable.  Infection takes effect, he has vomiting bouts and long term he cannot continue this way. 


The specialists at Oradell Animal Hospital have determined that it is urgent for Louie to get surgery.  He is currently hospitalized awaiting surgery.  Louie does have rectal nerve response and when cleaned, he can defecate on this own.  Doctors believe Louie has a stricture that continues to be blocked, and he is beginning to get infections due to the feces backing up. 


We need your help to give Louie the lifesaving surgery that he needs.  Please make a donation to the Betty Lou Fund to help Louie have the happily ever after he so deserves.  

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