Help us save Marmalade!


Marmalade was rescued from a busy inner-city animal control center and cannot use his back legs as he seems to have been hit by a car.

We need YOU to help save Marmalade!

Found on the streets and unable to use his back legs, Marmalade is thought to have been hit by a car and needs urgent medical care. Marmalade was brought in to a busy inner-city animal control where without rescue he would be euthanized. The kind volunteers at animal control remembered RBARI and how just days before we had saved Darcy, a kitten suffering from chemical burns. Hoping to save Marmalade at his last hour, these volunteers reached out to RBARI and we stepped up to save another life.

Within hours of seeing his video, Marmalade arrived at RBARI and stole our hearts with his loving spirit. This beautiful and affectionate cat had clearly lived a difficult life, yet he was grateful for food, a bed and a truly safe place to rest his head. Despite being unable to use his back legs, Marmalade dragged himself into the litterbox rather than make a mess. His ears crinkle down from years of untreated infection and mites, but he wasn’t complaining.

Marmalade is in desperate need of medical care and attention and is currently on his way to the veterinarian. His back legs appear to be weak, but not paralyzed. We are very hopeful that our specialists can help him. However, we cannot do this without YOU.

We are asking our community to help us give Marmalade the second chance he so desperately deserves, but this rescue is not possible without YOU!  Please help us save Marmalade! 

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