Help us save these 12 emaciated dogs!

Emergency Rescue!

Earlier today, we received a call from Paterson Animal Control and Passaic County SPCA, who had been made aware of a situation where multiple dogs in horrible condition were found abandoned and caged in an empty house. We arrived to find twelve of the most seriously matted and neglected dogs we have ever seen.

RBARI staff members are currently working to get these precious souls the help they so desperately need. All twelve dogs are in need of medical care and extensive grooming, as some of them are unable to even see or walk due to their severe matting. Most are already seeking attention and affection, as if to thank their rescuers.

This is no small undertaking for any shelter, but we know that with the support of our community, there’s nothing we can’t do together! We look forward to sharing the stories of RBARI’s newest little residents with you as we get to know them as individuals.

As always, thank you for caring!  ❤️

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