Help us save Rumble!


Rumble, an 8 week old kitten with a broken leg and possible pelvis damage, was left by a good samaritan in the front of our building in a carrier.

Urgent! This tiny kitten needs our help!

Rescue never stops... not even when we are full... not even when we have more than one medical emergency going on.

Late last night, a carrier was found outside the shelter. In that carrier was this tiny kitten who was screaming and in pain with a note that said she may have a broken leg.

Rumble, as she was named for her strong purr, was rushed to an emergency hospital where she was made comfortable and where she remains now as she waits on an orthopedic consult. We do know that she's just eight weeks old and that she has a fractured pelvis. Rumble is on pain medication, antibiotics, and is social, adorable, and friendly despite her obvious pain. The surgeon will soon determine if Rumble needs surgery.

While we don't know where this tiny girl came from or how she was injured, we do know that she came to us for a reason.

Together, we will help this innocent, purry baby with anything that she needs.

We will update you as soon as we can and we thank you for caring. We can always be there for Rumble and others like her because you are always there right along with us. ❤️

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