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Sydney was thrown out of the window of a car on the Bronx River Parkway

We heard this morning that a tiny dog was thrown out of the window of a car on the Bronx River Parkway last night and rescued by kind firemen.  

They didn't want to send the injured dog to the shelter without medical care, so they reached out to rescue.  

The pup is injured, bleeding and en route to Oradell Animal Animal Hospital by volunteers right now.  

The sweet baby is so matted and filthy that we aren't even sure if the pup is a girl or boy.  

Unable to move much without pain, the pup is shaking in fear and has no idea that he or she is about to get love and care for the first time.  

We will keep you posted as "Sydney's" story unfolds.

**UPDATE #1**

Sydney was rushed to Oradell Animal Hospital where an Emergency Vet examined him as much as possible given his physical condition.

Because his coat was so urine soaked and matted, it was difficult to fully evaluate him.

He was found to have no obvious broken bones but was very painful with lacerations under the matts. He has rotten teeth, a heart murmur and nails that were at least an inch long and curled under. ...yet through all of this- he is still affectionate, and enjoyed the comfort of being cuddled as he waited to see the vet.

In order to fully evaluate Sydney, the doctors have to sedate and delicately shave him to x-ray and ultrasound for broken bones and internal injuries, as well as treat his lacerations.

We will keep you updated as we hear more about sweet Sydney's condition.

RBARI is seeking information leading to the person or persons responsible for hurting Sydney. Please contact the shelter with any possible leads.

As always , Thank You for caring. We couldn't continue to save these precious lives without you ❤️


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