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Lost & Found

If you have LOST your pet, here are some things to do:

Remember that lost pets are often afraid and confused. They can travel for miles trying to find their way back home. Don’t rule out the possibility that your pet has traveled several towns away.

If you have FOUND a pet, here are some things to do:

We DO NOT do animal control and cannot take in every found animal that comes to us. However, we do want to do everything we can to get that pet back to its human(s). Please follow the tips below if you have found a stray pet. Please always remember that lost pets are afraid and confused and may not always have their normal friendly personalities. Always use caution if you do handle a stray animal as they may carry diseases that humans can catch. If you are unsure about an animal's personality, please DO NOT handle that animal and call animal control or the police right away!

  • Contact the shelter during regular hours
  • Send us an email at adoptlove@rbari.org with as much information as possible and a picture (if possible) of the animal that you have found
  • Visit lost and found pets on www.petfinder.com to see if the pet is listed as being lost
  • Contact all the police departments of the surrounding towns to notify them that you have found a pet
  • Leave a description of the pet and a phone number where you can be contacted if the owner of the pet is located
  • Contact animal control for all the surrounding towns. 
  • Contact & visit all local shelters, vets offices, groomers, & other animal care professionals to see if the pet sounds familiar. It may belong to a client
  • Post flyers in the area that you found the pet. Hopefully the owners will see it and contact you

Lost Pet Resources