❤️Share the Love❤️ Drive

Share the love this Valentine’s Day with a symbolic care package filled with hope for a homeless animal in need!

We at RBARI know that love truly is a four-legged word. Whether you are crazy for cats, devoted to dogs, have a soft spot for seniors, or hopping mad for bunnies, you can send a gift of hope and kindness to one of our shelter animals waiting for their forever home this Valentine's Day. This symbolic care package gift will allow RBARI to provide essential medical care, food, shelter and love to our animals, ensuring that they have all they need as they wait for their own happily ever after.

This Valentine’s Day, we are also seeking care items from our wish list. No matter how you choose to share the love this Valentine’s Day, together we can show our homeless dogs and cats at the shelter that they are cherished as they wait for forever homes of their own!

At RBARI, we are devoted to our local cats in need. Too often we see cats in desperate situations, whether they have been left outside to fend for themselves, abandoned in animal control facilities, or in need of urgent surrender, our cats have a special place in our hearts. With this care package, you can ensure that our cats receive the critical vetting, medical treatment, behavior enrichment, food, and time to decompress they need as they wait for their perfect matches. Together we can show love to cats who have known far too little of it and ensure that their futures are filled with full bellies, warm beds, and loving homes.

How Your Gift Helps

Your gifts support the work of RBARI and helps us open our arms, and our doors, to local animals who need us most. Your donation will be used in combination with other gifts to make the greatest direct impact on the lives of homeless animals in need.

Send a Card

With your donation, you will be able to send a personalized e-card to the person who has inspired your gift today.

Newborn kittens sure are adorable, but these tiny babies are some of the most vulnerable animals that come to our shelter. The majority of the kittens we rescue come from dire situations, having been found outside, left in boxes or abandoned at animal control facilities. They typically need urgent medical treatment, and at times round the clock care with bottle or syringe-feeding. With this package, you’ll help us provide kittens in need with medical care, specialized supplies including food, bottles, kitten milk, etc., foster homes, and all of the love and care they need to thrive!

Senior dogs and cats are dear to our hearts at RBARI, making up 30% of our rescue cases. All too often, senior dogs and cats find themselves homeless in their greatest time of need, and sadly, the majority that we rescue have been sorely lacking basic necessities like medical care, grooming and basic nutrition for far too long. Together, we can rescue even more seniors within our community and provide them with rescue relief and forever homes through providing them with emergency medical care, dental care, prescription foods and special diets, supplements, mobility devices, and post adoption support.  With your support, when a new senior comes through our doors, we will embrace them with the promise that it is never too late to begin again!

At RBARI, our heart belongs to the underdog. Time and time again, we take in those dogs who desperately need a second chance. With this package, you’ll help make sure the dogs we rescue get critical vet care. Most of the dogs we rescue have never even received basic vaccinations, de-wormers or lifesaving preventatives. You’ll help ensure that each dog receives exactly what they need, whether urgent medical care, training support, a warm bed, special food, or love and time to decompress. Each dog that comes to us has a past, and with your partnership we can ensure that they also have a future full of hope and love.

At RBARI, we try never to say no to an animal in need, and so this past year, we have opened up a small animal rescue program at the shelter.  Small animals, like bunnies and guinea pigs, are some of the most vulnerable and mistreated animals we have rescued, most being abandoned outside in conditions that are not survivable if they are not found quickly enough.  They require urgent medical treatment, and their care can be extremely costly, as procedures like spay / neuter are more intricate and specialized.  With this package, you’ll help provide small animals in need with the love and care they need to thrive, including medical care, food, bedding, toys, and cages.  And, these deserving, yet discarded, furry family members will have everything they need to prepare them for a forever home of their own!