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Dozens of dogs discovered in an overcrowded pickup truck stranded in New Jersey are safe and sound after shelter workers came to their rescue last week.

Over 40 animals were found alive, crammed into the cabin and bed of a truck parked in Sussex County, New Jersey, an animal refuge said on Facebook. Additionally, there were dozens of dead dogs found in the truck, the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge said.

"It was an overwhelming situation of, 'these animals need immediate help,'" the refuge's executive director, Megan Brinster, told USA TODAY.

Police arrested a Virginia woman who owned the truck and charged her with animal cruelty, according to New Jersey State Police.

FLANDERS, N.J. -- An animal cruelty investigation is underway in New Jersey after dozens of dogs and cats, many of them dead, were found in a pickup truck.

Investigators say the live animals were filthy, while the deceased were wrapped up carefully and place in cookie tins.

For Alvin, Theodore and Simone, basking in the sunshine on Thursday after being saved by Eleventh Hour Rescue was truly a treat.

"They are under-socialized but friendly," volunteer Jamie Hall said.

They were a part of a harrowing rescue, found in a filthy blue truck on Monday afternoon in Hampton Township.

Dozens of dead cats and dogs were found Saturday in a pick-up truck parked at a strip mall in New Jersey, and dozens more were rescued from the vehicle, according to an animal refuge center.

The Rampapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, located in Oakland, N.J., said more than 40 animals were found dead, and rescuers were able to save 38 dogs and eight cats from the vehicle in the parking lot in Hampton.

Rescuers made the horrific discovery on Saturday, April 8, but the animals were believed to have been there for at least two days. Loose dogs running around the parking lot and a foul order emanating from the vehicle had alerted authorities to the pickup truck – soaked with urine and feces and packed with animals.

A cat survived being shot and is in critical need of surgery, a New Jersey animal shelter said. Three-year-old PeeWee was struck by a metal projectile, presumably a bullet, according to an April 9 statement from the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, located in Oakland. No one knows how exactly the cat ended up hurt. She “was able to drag herself home in crushing pain, her leg shattered by a projectile,” the shelter said.

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A local cat is undergoing surgery after being shot in the leg, and she will soon be up for adoption at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge.

PeeWee is a 3-year-old whose leg was shattered by a projectile, likely a bullet, the remnants of which remain in her leg. She was able to drag herself home after being shot, but her owners couldn't afford to provide for her care so she was surrendered to the shelter.

The cat was shot in Wallington near Hayward Place, where she would roam. The previous owner filed a report with Wallington police and encouraged anyone with outside camera or Ring doorbell footage to come forward.

New York - Aria, the cat, who currently lives at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Bergen County, has waited nearly 500 days to find her forever home.

The shelter says 373 cats have been adopted from the shelter since Aria arrived back in October 2021.

The 2-year-old black cat kept getting overlooked, so the shelter deciding to post her story online. The post has since gotten over 60,000 likes flooded with comments from people wanting to adopt her.

Thy say little miss Aria has tons of personality and loves attention. But they say her energy is so high, that she would probably do best with an owner who will give her all the attention she needs.

New Jersey’s viral black cat, Aria, is on her way to finding a new home thanks to a video that gained traction on Instagram and amassed over 580,000 views.

Aria first came to Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland as a kitten in October of 2021.

While 373 other cats were adopted from the Oakland shelter between then and now, Aria’s stayed put. The now 2-year-old black cat was being overlooked, according to the shelter.

For any prospective pet owners, a black cat who has been long overlooked is available for adoption in North Jersey.

Aria the cat has been at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland for over a year and has watched many of her fellow rescue cats get adopted. A total of 350 cats have been adopted from the shelter since Aria arrived.

"She's a really sweet girl," adoption counselor Stephanie Etherton said. "She's really spunky so she loves playing and jumping in the air at toys. She has a little feisty side, too, but for the most part she's sweet. You just have to get to know her signals, really."

PATERSON, New Jersey (WABC) -- Animal control workers in New Jersey are trying to nurse a severely abused dog back to health.

It was found wandering the streets of Paterson, but because of its condition, workers suspect someone kept it in a tightly confined space for some time and left it to starve.

It was in critical condition by the time Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge took it in.

The refuge has named her Wilma and is looking for donations to help with her care.

"Medical testing may sadly confirm our worst fear, that Wilma's heartbreaking condition is a result of slow and painful starvation," Executive Director at RBARI, Megan Brinster said. "It is hard to imagine what Wilma's life has been like before yesterday, but we have hope for her future. Wilma has a long road ahead, but she is surprisingly sweet with other dogs and an all-around loving, gentle senior dog."

A local animal shelter is rushing to the aid of a friendly stray cat who was brutally attacked by another animal.

A graphic video shared by Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge shows the cat loudly meowing with a plate of food, as concerned residents seek help.

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