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Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in providing a loving home to one (or more) of our dogs or cats.

We would appreciate your answers to the following questions so that we can do our best to help ensure the pet you are interested in will be a good fit for you, and your home a good fit for the pet.

Dog or Cat?
Is This Application for a Dog or Cat?
Does anyone in the household have allergies affected by a pet?
If no children living in the home, do children visit routinely (grandchildren, neighbors, etc)?
Please indicate which best describes your current living situation (check all that apply)
Do You:

*For renters we may ask to see your lease or we may contact your landlord to verify any limitations on pet ownership – this is to help you find the pet that will fit into your rental circumstances.

Does your home have a fenced yard/area?

*Fenced meaning that the fencing completely encloses the space so the pet cannot get out of the fenced area.

Generally how many hours per day will your pet be alone?

Cats Only (Please write N/A or not applicable if you are filling our application out for a dog).

----------End of Cats Only Questions----------

*We will contact your veterinarian to ask if your pet(s) are spayed/neutered, current on immunizations, on heartworm prevention, etc.

By submitting this form, I understand and agree that the above statements are answered truthfully.

            Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge sincerely thanks our corporate donors and sponsors: