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Adoption Process & Fees

Adoption Process

Interested in adopting a dog or cat? Well you have come to the right place!  All of our animals available for adoption will be examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, combo-tested, de-wormed, micro-chipped, and will be spayed/neutered. Every dog is sent home with a martingale collar and ID Tag, and every animal will go home with a supply of the food they’re accustomed to eating.

When you walk out, you don’t leave RBARI. We continue to offer support post adoption by calling our new families to check and see how their new companion is adjusting home and offering guidance if needed. We, of course, love to see how our alumni are doing so we ask for photos and stories to be shared at adoptlove@rbari.org.


RBARI's kennels can hold up to 30 dogs and puppies on the first floor of our building and over 50 cats and kittens on the second floor of our Cat Kennel. 


Thinking about what kind of pet you want to adopt? Please read our BEFORE YOU ADOPT page to help you decide.

Next, view our available dogs and our available cats on our website.

If you find someone of interest, please fill out an adoption form online here or email adoptlove@rbari.org for any questions.

Please answer each application question as thoroughly as possible. Remember, this is not a "pass or fail" test. It’s designed to help us get to know you and your family, and which type of pet to match with you and your family. Because adoption and pet ownership is a long-term commitment, don’t hesitate to think it through and sleep on it. If you’re at all unsure about your choice, simply let our staff know and we can guide you through the process.

Application Process

Due to the current environment, our adoption process has been updated to the following:

1. Submit Application

Once your application is sent, you will receive an email with instructions/next steps. Please allow our dedicated team up to one week to respond!

2. Approve Application

Our team will perform all relevant veterinary and landlord references and will call with the status of your application or if we have any questions.

3. Meet the Pet

Once your application is approved, our staff will call your family and schedule a time for you to meet the animal of interest. All humans in the household should plan on meeting the new pet. This ensures that everyone - 2 legs or 4 - get along! 

4. Take the Pet Home

Once all family members meet with our team, and everyone approves of the match, you can take home your new family member home at that time! 

5. Sign Adoption Contract

You will be sent the adoption paperwork, and further information that is needed to complete the adoption.

Please note, we are unable to put animals on hold/reservation. Applicants are approved based on meeting the needs of the animals. If you have any further questions, please email adoptlove@rbari.org.

Adoption Fees

Puppies (1 year & under) - $325
Adult Dogs (over 1 year) - $300
Senior Dogs (over 8 years) - $100

Adoption fees for dogs include: General wellness exam, Spay/Neuter, Flea and Tick prevention, Deworming, Heartworm prevention/testing, Distemper, Bordetella, Rabies vaccine, Microchipping

Kittens (1 year & under) - $150
Cats (over 1 year) - $125
Senior Cats (over 8 years) - $100
Two Kittens / Cats - $250

Adoption fees for cats include: General wellness exam, Spay/Neuter, Rabies vaccine, FVRCP, Microchipping, Deworming, Flea and tick prevention, Retroviral testing.

RBARI is a non-profit organization, dedicated to animal welfare and providing a safe refuge for animals in need. 100% of your adoption fee goes back into the shelter to assist in covering the cost of an animal's stay. Individuals independently may spend on average $350-$955.00 for a cat, and $430-$1120.00 for the services we provide. RBARI is never afraid to help animals who often are overlooked such as those who are elderly or require more extensive medical care and hospitalization; these rescues often cost our non-profit thousands of dollars in addition to standard medical costs to provide the animal the care that they need. Please consider making a donation to keep our lifesaving work going.