The Run for RBARI

Give shelter dogs a breath of fresh air with your gift today!

*Every donation will be 100% matched, up to $10,000. If we reach our goal, we can break ground for the outdoor run that our dogs have been patiently waiting for!*

For gifts of $500 or more, RBARI will place a commemorative plaque with a personalized dedication along the fence of our dog play yard.

For gifts of $1,000 or more, the plaque will include a personalized etched image. You can customize plaques by emailing or by clicking add comment upon donation.

Donors of $100 or more will receive a free shirt of your choice in our online gift shop.

Your generosity will give animals a safe place to turn while they wait for new families and loving homes.

Please help us build an additional dog run at RBARI to save more lives!

In an effort to improve the daily lives of the dogs at RBARI and rescue even more, we are striving to transform the landscape of the shelter with the addition of a new dog run. The new dog yard will feature secure privacy fencing, a covered area for weather protection, upgraded mold resistant turf, and lots of space for the dogs to run, play, and train. Additionally, this transformative project is an *exciting first step to building an innovative senior center at RBARI!  We desperately need your help to make this vision a dream come true for our dogs!

How will another dog run help us to save more lives, every day?  

  • Provide additional outdoor space for our dogs and bringing with it all the benefits of outdoor play, including training, enrichment, stress relief and rest.
  • Provide a common enrichment area for our dogs with privacy fencing. More play time, more play groups, more socialization – means more adoptable dogs!
  • Reduce stress and improve the quality of life for our dogs! In an effort to save more lives, the kennels are often full.  Without additional run space, we cannot offer dogs as much time to decompress. More outdoor space = less kennel stress. 
  • A happy dog is an adoptable dog. Shorten the time that each dog remains in the shelter thus making room for others and increasing intake (saving more lives!).
  • Strengthen the human / canine bond by developing trust through individualized training, play and daily interaction.
  • An adoption space where dogs can show their true personalities! Assist with adoptions by giving dogs space to decompress prior to adoption appointments, as well as yard space to meet and get to know their potential new family in a comfortable environment.

*Step 1 to creating a Senior Center at RBARI! We urgently need to add more kennel runs to our property in order to keep our commitment of being here for senior dogs.  This is the first and critical step in allowing RBARI to establish additional kennel space for dogs in the form of a senior center. With the additional run, we can create a designated senior outdoor area for gentle play groups and sunbathing, as they enjoy respite from the kennel.  While we are still in the planning phases, the intended senior center would house approximately 6 senior dogs with indoor / outdoor kennels and yard space. Building an additional run allows our dogs to gain critical outdoor yards that will in the future be a part of the senior center, without lessening yard space for all dogs.  Building this new run will allow us to continue to plan for a senior center, as we add more outdoor space for the dogs.

Homeless animals in our community need us now more than ever. Please join us today in transforming our shelter landscape and saving more lives! Your generosity will give animals a safe place to turn while they wait for new families and loving homes.