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Our Cattery is in urgent need of new kennel spaces for our kitties in order to help save more lives! Save countless lives and honor your family, loved one or business with a personalized name plate on your “home.”

The cat kennels at RBARI have housed countless cats over the years. Their kennel is their halfway house between rescue and a forever home. This special space holds so much promise!

In order to save more cats at RBARI, we require a modern kennel system. Each sponsorship allows us to purchase another life-saving kennel.


  • Disease control greatly shortens the length of stay for cats in the shelter. Modern kennels allow for improved cleaning and disease control. We cannot fully sanitize the kennels we have in our cattery right now. Illness extends the stay and utilizes valuable resources. Please help us to have clean, happy, healthy kitties
  • More space! Contemporary, uniform kennels will allow for better utilization of space (more cats rescued!). The new, larger kennels allow for more freedom for each cat and a better quality of life during their shelter stay. Better quality of life makes for a happier cat who is more adoptable. A shorter shelter stay saves lives!
  • More kennels! RBARI currently has the capacity to house 60 cats at any given time. With the improvements and purchase of new kennels, RBARI will be able to house approximately 80 cats
  • More adoptions! A modern kennel is more attractive to adopters and increases our flow of traffic and adoptions. The easy flow of traffic ensures that all cats are showcased to improve quality of the visit for potential adopters.

Remember, when you adopt a cat, you save their life and the life of the cat who moves into their “home” next. When you sponsor a kennel dedicated to the person of your choice, you save countless lives as you gift RBARI a new home to fill.

With your gift of $600, the length of stay will be decreased for cats at RBARI, meaning that more cats will be rescued with great adoption success. Give the gift of life as you sponsor a cat kennel today!

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