Sonny the Gentle Giant

We all fell in love with Sonny’s adorable face.  Sadly, behind his endearing face lies so much pain and heartbreak.  We got a call from Oradell Animal Hospital that a woman had to surrender her beloved senior cat because she was elderly and very ill...

Sonny is a gentle giant. He has lived his 12 years as a beloved house cat, but his owner was unable to provide him with the surgery and care he so desperately needs at this point.  Sonny has entropion bilaterally (both eyes) and will need surgery. This is a very uncomfortable condition where his eyelids curl inward, causing his lashes and skin to rub against the surface of his eyes creating irritation that can lead to ulcers and infection.  Sonny is currently on multiple eye medications to keep his eyes lubricated until his surgery. He is very sweet and gentle about getting his medication.

Sonny is scheduled for surgery on June 25th. He needs surgery on both eyes at the Animal Eye Center. Cost will be approximately $4,000. It is our goal to be able to raise these funds in the next week for sweet Sonny. *Update: We've reached our goal, and we cannot say this enough: thank you! Your unimaginable kindness and generosity will allow us to help Sonny, and with anything past this goal, many more like him!*

Sonny is searching for a foster / foster with intent to adopt home to care for him through his surgery and recovery. Sonny knows love, but he sadly also knows pain and loss.  Please help Sonny to find comfort and a place to belong by welcoming him into the RBARI family and helping to provide him with the surgery he so desperately needs. Please consider welcoming Sonny into your home or sharing his story to help him find a home.  Thank you for letting this gentle, adorable giant touch your hearts as much as he has ours.

We have raised $4,922.00 of our goal.
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