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Earthcam FAQ

Welcome to our "Kitz Bop Room" where RBARI’s cats can freely roam and show their goofy personalities for adoption. 

If you are interested in adopting any of the cats that you see in the video, please respond to us at and we can help identify the cat and answer questions about our process! 

Common Questions:

Why is there a cat crated in the room? 

As recommended when introducing a new animal into a home, best practices for compassionate and stress free introductions with cats around others of their kind, are to give them a small designated room or enclosed area for them to decompress in and learn their new environment. The most common method in an open shared room, is with the tool of a crate. During a short introductory period, cats are kept in the crate where resident cats and the crated cat can safely come up and sniff each other through the bars without abrupt or unsafe/unmonitored interactions. This is a far gentler, less territorially threatening introduction. Depending on how they respond to each other, staff move forward and let the new cat have play time outside of the cage and monitor interactions with the other cats in the room, slowly expanding its territory until it shares it completely with the resident cats. Crates also become a safe space for new cats coming into the area where they can learn to retreat to if needed. Common occurrences that happen when cats are not slowly and properly adjusted are: stress and fear behaviors, litter box issues, and fights with other cats. 

Some cats in the room might have special diets or are being monitored to ensure that they are eating, and if so, the specific cat will be fed separately in a crate to ensure our care team can keep them on the best track possible. 

Some cats are returning from vet visits and need to calmly readjust to the room

What are the towers around the room?

These are kuranda towers! Towers and tall scratch posts are situated around the room to provide enrichment and high areas for cats to retreat and relax in.  

Litter Boxes/Cleaning

Our staff and dedicated volunteers deep clean our rooms each day and spot clean and clean litter boxes throughout the day. The health and safety of our animals is our number one priority! If you see litter boxes or bowls missing, do not worry! Staff and volunteers remove them from the room to clean them and bring them back when they are clean and fresh. 

More Questions?

If you have any questions about our "Kitz Bop Room" or animals, please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Thank you for your dedication to our animals in need of loving homes. Want to learn more about us and how to help? Please navigate to some of our other pages here at to learn more!

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