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Community Dogs Program

Can we count you in? In neighboring communities, pit bull puppies are handed out on the street or sold.  Many end up in animal control, and many more end up on the streets, tied in yards, breeding or involved in dog fighting. It has been our experience that very few are spayed or neutered. Many residents are open to spay / neuter options but are not actively seeking these options. That is where WE come in. Our Community Dogs Program is a free spay / neuter program, with a focus on pit bulls. It is free for pit bulls, but low cost for other breeds or cases.

With your help, we can offer the support needed to provide essential medical care to dogs like Salem and Casper as we continue to build our relationship with the community. Please consider a donation to help directly cover the cost of a spay / neuter surgery or essential vaccinations and care. We are counting on your support to break the cycle and as we spay / neuter more dogs in need together.

If you are needing assistance or having financial difficulty spaying and or neutering your dog, please email

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge
2 Shelter Lane
Oakland, NJ 07436

Tax ID (EIN): 22-6094179


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